Friday, November 23, 2012

Can you dunk it?

Holidays often bring people together around a table filled with food. Comfort food makes people happy and despite the fact that they can't stand Uncle Willie, for one meal, of great food they make an exception. After the meal the gloves may come off but during the meal, I bet civility reigns.

Recently, around our breakfast holiday table a rather heated discussion developed about the proper donut for dunking and the correct method of dunking said donut.

Ok, so you discuss politics, we take on the big issues.

Now, I remember and because I was the second oldest person in the room (God, doesn't that sound strange) I told the story about my Grandfather selecting the best fry cake donut, from the day before, for his dunking selection.
Fry cake donuts have just that more cake like in consistency. Let them sit out for a day and they become a door stopper. Apparently, able to perform duel functions in their short life.
My Grandfather would break the donut in half then slide his coffee cup closer to the edge of the table and himself, lower the donut edge into the hot coffee.
This is risky business, you leave it in the coffee to long and part of the donut breaks off into the coffee.
Too short and it hasn't softened enough to enjoy.

Another older person in the room brightly said, "Hey, that's why they call it Dunkin Donuts! Another lightbulb moment.

Of course, the general public seated around the table all seemed to be under the age of 12 and totally bored with this discussion.

They ate their fresh baked donuts downed with orange juice, rolled their eyes at the old people and disappeared to another room.

The two old people sat remained at the table eyeing the last cruller and debating it's merits as dunkable or not.

Now, aren't you glad you spent your holiday with your own loved ones?

:)Bea, who never ever said every post was going to be a hit out of the ballpark.

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