Saturday, November 24, 2012

And, so franking may occur, tra la la...........

If you have been a follower of this blog you know about the VERB, Franking. If you are new then let me tell you it's a family verb and refers to Zeus's step-father, who often came up with rather creative solutions to problems. shortcuts or weird inventions.
It was with love and a bit of shaking of our collective heads that we referred to his activities as "franking".

I heard the lawn tractor zooming around the yard. I suspected that Grandpa was taking little ones for crazy cart rides. I grabbed my camera to take some pictures and instead this is what I found.

Somehow two grown men thought THIS was a good idea for cleaning the gutters. I think it's another perfectly good example of franking.

It's not often that I pat myself on the back but I managed to pull off Thanksgiving dinner despite being sick as a dog. Considering most of the rest of the family was coughing or sneezing we just co-mingled our germs. 
Hayden was disappointed that she wasn't at the adult table this year. I told her at Christmas I would make the dining room table bigger so she could sit with us.
This year the Crazy Eight card group had a new player, Dylan, Mary's new boyfriend. Riley had to explain the rules that the winner of a hand gets a choice of wearing the clean, Sesame Street, flannel boxer shorts or a blond wig, on their head. Trust me when I say we've come a long way from a pair of tidy whitetees on their heads. 
The hot tub has been in constant use. The temperature dropped from 63 degrees on Wednesday to 27 on Thursday. A shock to our systems. There were even snow flurries!! 
Today, the crowd is planning on hitting the theater for the movie Guardian or Guardians. Me? I'm going back to bed. I can't shake this sore throat or cough. It seems to zap my energy too.
The Dorchester clan checked in.  They spent Thanksgiving down at the Cape with Caitlin's family.
Good time had by all.

:) Bea, who hopes you ALL are having a great weekend.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Aren't grown men somethin'? LOL!

  2. The men are a hoot!!!! I have a cold too...the relatives were all sneezing in unison! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart