Monday, November 12, 2012


We are back in St. John on a well deserved and much needed vacation. We are putting the entire year with it's ups and downs, behind us. As the farmer said, "It's done, the hell with it."

Today, has become cloudy as a rainstorm approaches but you know, there is a beautiful breeze, gorgeous view and this house we are renting is out of this world.

The owners spared no expense when they built it. A wonderful open plan, tropical feel, windows and doors the entire side of the house that faces the view and, and this is a biggie for me a FULLY EQUIPTED KITCHEN. A HUGE kitchen. 

Every where you look you see a beautiful view. Nothing is really hidden by the National Forest like the other house we have rented. There is something about those gorgeous Islands that just resonate with me.

Zeus has a tennis lesson and match this afternoon over at Caneel Bay. I will spend my time just relaxing and soaking up the view. 

Now, if you know me you know I love Zetti and it's not an easy thing to describe to people. I've shown Zeus enough artwork or things that have the feel of Zetti for him to understand this slightly off kilter look at life. How about this little "Zetti" guy? I mean isn't he too much with his Zetti hat?
You know you are in the right place to recharge when you find something like that.
After a long day of traveling, the flight from Atlanta was three hours long, then there is the van ride across St. Thomas.  I sat up front with the driver and it was like being on a roller coaster ride. And, while we were taking the hairpin curves on a two lane road, our driver was talking on three different cell phones. One was his Taxi service, call coming in from people wanting a taxi, the second the ones he used to call his crew to find out if they could pick up someone and the third, was one that he whispered into, sweet things to a loved one. I'm quite proud of myself, I did breathe and I didn't clutch my heart or the door handle at any time.  I did of course, keep a death grip on my backpack, on my lap.

We then took the Red Hook Ferry over to St. John's.
Walked about  a block from the ferry to Speedy's to pick up our rental car, which was just about out of gas and not the car we had asked for. We put some gas in it, hit the grocery store and then met Naisha at the house. It was so sweet to see a welcome basket on the kitchen counter. 

The house has a working hot tub and last night Zeus and I soaked our weary bones in it looking at the night sky. I don't often get to see a sky with so many stars anymore. It was unbelievable. We even saw a falling star, quite bright for a long time. 

The pool is beautiful and has a waterfall which is relaxing enough to listen to. I honestly haven't even thought about the beach yet. I've been walking around the house, falling asleep on the couch, soaking in the view and the smell of the tropical flowers and watching the sky change. 

I wish I could pack you all up and transport you to this little slice of heaven. 

:)Bea, who's breath is deep and relaxed now not short and tight.


  1. I feel as if I am spending the warmth in this and Zeus will have a very happy Thanksgiving. Peace be with you...the skies and stars are all for you. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Beautiful views! As I write this, it is around 20 degrees here in MN, enjoy that sunshine and warmth!! :)

  3. Umm, Hayden must have changed my google profile or something, as I see my comment posted under "gossip girl"... it's me, Justin! That is hilarious.