Monday, October 01, 2012

New beginnings!!

We are in full color here is Southwestern Wisconsin. I don't know if it's due to the drought conditions or not but our colors are gorgeous. Reds, purples, orange, the usual wonderful colors of autumn.

The move went smoothly yesterday. Unfortunately, Mary did not have any friends available to help her so it was up to Zeus and I to do the deed.
I was responsible for Riley for the day, not a hard task! 

She and I loaded up my car with boxes and transported them to her new apartment. As soon as her bed was delivered by Grandpa she and I made it up. Then her shelving unit was put in her new room and we organized her toys and books. With her Dora bedspread on her bed. Her Bear book where it belonged, next to her night light she was happy as a clam.

Mary and Zeus made the runs back and forth with the trailer and furniture while Riley and I unpacked the kitchen supplies and dishes. A lot of discussion about WHEN the cupcakes would be made for the cupcake tins and WHEN would we have pancakes for the griddle.  I told Riley it was a NEW DAY because her MOMMY WOULD BE COOKING for the first time in three years. That should be interesting.

Mary had gone done to Illinois to the Ikea store and bought an entertainment center.  Zeus put it together in typical Zeus fashion, extra strong glue and whatever it is he does to the furniture to make it last a good long time. It's white, takes up the one wall of the apartment and has pretty pink drawers and black cupboards. Mary seems to like the jewel tones. Her pillows for her couch are turquoise. All my favorite colors!

Of course, the basement still looks like a disaster zone. She has today off and assures me that she is going to finish it off.  We'll see. It's a mess and I suspect that a lot of the stuff left behind isn't even going to go with her.  She realized, once her belongings were in place in the new apartment that the new place is smaller than what she has had here in our house.  Welcome to the real world, sweetie.

Once, I get it emptied out down there then our work begins.  I need to pick out some new paint, order new rugs for the guest bedrooms and wait until the end of October for the tile guy to come and tile the floor.

New beginnings for all of us.

Ok, off to the gym. I started going to the gym, this early in the morning because I didn't want to have to deal with the morning issues around here with Mary and Riley. Turns out I really enjoy my water exercise class.  It certainly works out the kinks in my body from a night of sleeping. Who knew?


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