Thursday, October 04, 2012

Let's take a ride in the fog.

I was about to sit down at the computer yesterday morning when I glanced out the window and saw the first of the morning light highlighting the fog. I decided to grab my camera and hit the road.

If you have followed me for awhile you have probably seen this picture of a local stream. You've probably seen it full of water and wildlife. We're in a drought situation here in Wisconsin and those green spots you see in the water are actually mud flats with green growth on them. They have been exposed long enough this summer for something green to grow on them.
I often take this picture because for some reason it reminds me of something I would see in Europe. Now, that makes no real sense because my trips to Europe have been limited to England and Greece and I don't remember seeing anything like this there.
But, every time I drive by it and stop and stare at it I get this niggling feeling that I've seen it before someplace else. So, I take pictures of it. 
I have to say what ever the reason, I smile every time I see the stream.
Something just surreal about a tree in fog.
There are times when I am driving around the back roads of southwestern Wisconsin when I can't get over how beautiful it is. Rolling hills, fog rising up from the valleys. I travel the roads that cut through the area that was untouched by glaciers. 

It's like a large donut hole and the donut part was where the glaciers came, receded, left lakes and flattened out the landscape. 
The hole only touched by erosion and time.
Another one of my favorite subjects, the old red barn down at the end of the road. It's days are numbered. There has been a For Sale sign on the property for six months now. I suspect that someone will buy  it take down this barn, leave the big barn and build a big house. But, for now, it's my special spot.


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  1. I always enjoy my visit to your blog, the beautiful photos...the lovely stories. glad your granddaughter is still close by. mine moved out of state and I miss the kids terribly! loved the ice cream store bit...adorable! we have snow in Ohio today...I think I'd rather have fog...