Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moving on.

Today is moving day for Riley and her Mama. After living with us for three years they are now moving into their own new apartment. 
I'm not sure Riley truly grasps this whole concept. She'll still be close enough to stay over night or be dropped off to "help" grandpa with chores but there will be some adjustments. 
There won't be the nightly ICE CREAM SHOP game. This is when Riley stands on one of my large dye buckets, inside the barn and Grandpa is outside at the window. He asks for an ice cream cone and Riley then gets down off the bucket, climbs up the ladder and pretends to make an ice cream cone to sell him. I swear this game can go on for hours between these two. When she tires of it she runs around the barn back to where he is and rides her two wheel bike.
Yesterday, Grandpa had to put together some new furniture that Mary had bought for her new apartment.
I came out to the barn to find that Grandpa had set up the children's picnic table, in the barn and Riley was busy working with her play dough. They are happy just being in the same orbit with each other. 

The nice thing was when I found the play dough box, up in the studio, I knew I had used it for one or two of my other grandchildren. 

Because of distance they might not have gotten as much attention but when they were in our world they did.

My mother moved out of her grandmother's home to nurses training in Philadelphia, a very long way from home. She never went back to her home town.

When I moved out of my home in New Jersey I moved to Boston and I never went back to my home town.

My daughter and her daughter are moving out of my home but thankfully not very far away. Far enough to be independent and live their own lives but close enough to come by and play Ice Cream Shop with grandpa.

Big day, exciting day, bittersweet day.


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  1. I am sending you a big goes on and they will prosper but for a few moments you will experience small pangs of the heart. Peace be with you, Mary Helen