Sunday, September 09, 2012

Summer seems to be officially over. The cooler weather has arrived. It's the time of the year that I love, a lot like Spring when you can have the windows open during the day, good sleeping weather, at night and the heat hasn't come on yet.
As I look back on the summer as part of the Twenty Summers philosophy it was a extremely busy one. Maybe I'm slowing down more than I thought but it just seemed to have zoomed by.
I loved our trip to Boston to see James, Caitlin, Curran and the newest addition, Rory.
I didn't love hauling hoses around day after day during our exceedingly long drought or watching some of my new trees, die.

I know I watched my birds and was aware of where they were nesting but it seems like I never seem to have time to just SIT and watch the Baltimore Oriel's fly back and forth or watch the antics of the Red Wing Blackbird defending his turf. Maybe I did but the memory is weak about that.

I do know that we had fun in the pool, got to spend time with Justin's family down here. 

My vegetable garden was totally neglected. The tomatoes did well this year despite my lack of attention. I think I picked a pepper or two. The lettuce bolted before we even got to eat it, with the heat.

BUT, the Friday Workshops for the Studio Artists was a success. I did more fabric dyeing experiments than I ever had before. I did more monoprinting and stamping and burning and rusting things than I ever had before.

I spend long hours with like minded artists sharing ideas, watching everybody take creative leaps with their art.

So, looking back on this summer it's been a very good one. A very busy one but honestly probably the last time I had a lazy daisy summer was when I was seven or eight.

This summer has probably reminded me that I don't do well in HOT climates. I do like the change of seasons. 
Trust me, come February or March I'm going to need a reminder of that statement.

Last night the Studio Artists had their FIRST ANNUAL END OF SUMMER GET TOGETHER, with PLUS ONES.
Everybody brought a wonderful salad type dish. There were salad combinations there that I've never tasted that were...........well let's just say that I went back for seconds on every one of them. 
Eight couples that spent over 3 1/2 hours together, talking and eating. I have to say I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Now, the challenge is to get back some sense of rhythm in my life. Mary and Riley move into their new apartment at the end of the month. Zeus and I have some redecorating to do in the lower lever. The landscaping now has to get shut down for winter, plants removed, trimmed, garden bed tidied up. It's going to be a busy September and October.

My goal is to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. I got out of the habit over the summer. It's time to re-prioritize my activities.  

I have started to declutter my environment. I started with the kitchen, cabinet by cabinet. I took two banker boxes of cookbooks to the local library to donate. I walked through the dining room area with an eye to looking at things with the questions, Do I LOVE IT, Do I USE IT, if not out it goes. Same with the family room area. 

Yesterday we bought new couches for the downstairs after my daughter and granddaughter move out. I also told Zeus that it was time to replace the garage sale furniture that was over 30 years old, in the family room. I love how the room looks, I do not love the old beaten down, ugly, dark, old end tables that I have.
So, we bought some new, in the Mission style which is more along the lines of the style we like. I'm a happy camper. Thanks, Zeus.
Of course, I over heard him telling the salesman, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody going be happy." The salesman replied with, "Happy wife, happy life."
And, of course they both stood there nodding their heads and bonding over that moment.

Zeus is planning on making two sets of bunkbeds for the Lemon Drop room. Good room for the grandkids to bunk out in when they come to visit.

So, lots going on here at Dog In The Hole. 

Thanks for sticking with me through the thick and very thin. 

:)Bea, who still remains at 8 pounds lost and holding and holding and holding.....................

PS Iron man race today, three thousand or so souls whizzing by on their bikes all day.  Right now it's quiet because they are all in the freezing cold lake swimming.

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  1. Lots of changes! Can't wait to see everything at Christmas. If you are looking to unload that Methodist Cookbook...send it my way! :)