Friday, September 21, 2012


It's not about me, honest. Zeus loves to hit the road as much as I do. Yesterday, after a slow start we did just that.  We left in time to drive up to our favorite breakfast cafe and have lunch. The place was hoping with seniors. Zeus mentioned that in 10 years we would fit right in...........dear? You do realize that we are considered seniors, right?

We split a piece of pumpkin pie. Now, you know these wait servers are good and know their clientele when they divide the pumpkin pie in half, IN THE KITCHEN and bring us each a plate with a tiny sliver on pie on it.

We hit the road again, opting for "free fall" or Zeus' method of co-piloting, "Turn left there where the milk truck is coming out."  Since I was driving that meant I got to decide when I would pull off to the side of the road and take a picture. Zeus helped me out by mentioning, AFTER we had passed something, "Did you see that bear driving the wagon?"  Of course, I had to back up. That puts the fear of God into Zeus.

HEY, I'm a good driver. Backing up is one of the first things I learned to do when I learned how to drive. I may have failed the test due to not getting out of the car and hefting the old lady across the street but I can back up.

We found ourselves driving along the Wisconsin River.
Water levels are low, really low you could see sandbars up and down the river.

We found an old cemetery and of course, Zeus graciously said, "Why don't we stop, you take pictures, take your time and I'll have a little nap."

She hath done what she could? What the heck does that mean? Was her husband a slug and she had to make ends meet? Was he a terrible farmer and she had to run the farm? Did he drink? See, I figure if the husband outlasted her that he must have been a trial that, well, she had done what she could.

Anyway, what a wonderful cemetery. Somebody or bodies clean the old stone markers. You could read them, they had been re cemented in so they were upright and even the old ones were trimmed around their bases. 
Southwestern Wisconsin is beautiful. I never get tired of finding back roads and wandering down them.
 I, of course, got plenty of my favorite pictures of old barns. By mid afternoon we were thinking hard about a cuppa. We found ourselves in Fenimore, looking for the Amish.  Didn't find any Amish and we didn't stop here for coffee either. 

Isn't she pretty. Never get tired of being in dairyland either. 
Sometimes I snap pictures quickly and I don't know what I have until I get home and load them into the computer.  Sometimes, I go past a subject and then wish that I had gone back and taken a picture.
That happened when we crested a hill and saw a big old red pickup truck parked by the side of the road, attached was the large metal cow trailer. Looked like it could hold about three cows. The farmer was leaning on the fence the cows all crowding around him and I swear it looked like he was talking to them.......

"Ok, girls, who wants to take a ride?"

We headed back to Mineral Point for dinner then over to Spring Green to see a one woman show, Shakespeare's Will, the Story of Anne Hathaway.
What a great play. For one and half hours I sat spellbound with the rest of the audience as we watched Anne Hathaway deal with her life as Shakespeare's wife, his abandonment of her for most of their marriage and his judgemental retribution towards her, in his will, for the accidental death of his only son. 

Zeus and I haven't stopped buying material things for each other. We have what we need. But, we give each other the gift of some time spent in each other's company. We have fun on our road trips. We're silly, undemanding, enjoying similar things and just being with each other. It's probably the nicest birthday gift we can give each other. 

So, Happy Birthday, Zeus, I had a lot of fun yesterday. :)Bea

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