Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Tea on Tuesday Day!  I brought cupcakes. Aren't these a hoot? No, I did not make them. I borrowed the photo from my niece's facebook page.  I wanted to thank all of my follower's that still hang around waiting for me to post.
It's not inertia, not laziness, not for lack of thoughts or words that I haven't managed to post daily. I'm not sure what it is.
I'm dealing with the end of summer, my daughter and granddaughter moving out, into their own home and changing my eating lifestyle. It just seems to occupy more of my time than I had thought it all would.
So, thanks for bearing with me. I'll get it together soon.

I'm watching the squirrels run back and forth on my front deck, burying walnuts in my flower pots. It's the only really soft ground around. We just haven't had enough rain this summer or fall.

So the squirrel goes off to get more walnuts and the Bluejay lands on the pot and start digging up the walnut with his beak. Then a Flicker lands next to the Bluejay, who flies away. The Flicker stabs at the nut and then flies away. .

The healthy eating is going well. The weight loss very slow. I am positive the instructors in my water aerobics class are trying to kill of the seniors. Why else would they ask us to do a scissor kick,standing up and your feet off the bottom of the pool, for a minute.
Do you know how many seniors go under water?

It's a High/Low class which means you can work really hard or spend the class going through the motions and talking. I try to do the High end of the workout and boy can I feel it in my muscles the next day.

But, sadly, that probably doesn't get my heart rate up even enough to burn up substantial calories. Just enough to keep me moving, I guess.

So, I'm at nine pounds down, barely a chin gone. sigh  I just hope by the time I see the Doctor in November I'm down enough to have put the diabetes II on the back shelf for the time being.

Now, on to some art talk.  The Studio Artists had fun last Friday burning Lutradur. None of us had actually worked with the fiber before. For those of you not familiar with it, it's the stuff that they used to and may still use, for the backing underneath your box spring, or behind your giant speakers. It's a man made heat spun fabric that does funky things when you put heat to it. We painted it, burned it, etched on it with wood burning tools and created neat looking lacy like pieces.

Looking at my art table, in the studio, of the projects we have worked on this summer I'm quite pleased.
We tried just about everything we had on our To Do list.

Next summer I would like us to explore the next level  on some of these experiments and see what we get.  I do know that the a number of the artists LOVE to do mono-printing. There is something extremely satisfying about that process.

I'm off to feed Cleo. Her life, now at 14 seems to revolve around food and finding a warm spot to sleep and of course, avoiding "hugs" from Louie. Then it's off to the studio to do some more clean up, organizing and see how the clay faces I made the other day, dried. If they are usable I'll give them their first coat of gesso.



  1. You are a good girl Bea for your family as well as your family of artists. It's nice that you check in once in awhile. Sorry about the drought. I know about DRY...I live in N Nevada at the edge of the desert. I know about moving hoses.; and quietly praying (I don't dance) for rain.

    Sincerely, Dotti

  2. Some bloggers who post infrequently aren't really that considerate to begin with (ran across quite a few of those over the years), and then there are those who are very considerate and thus it becomes worth the wait for a post.

    Happy to say that you fall into the 2nd group of bloggers, so I always enjoy looking forward to your posts, no matter how infrequent they become due to this wonderful journey we call life.