Monday, September 10, 2012

Friday workshops for the Studio Artists have been very productive this summer. Back by popular demand was a little more ice dyeing this past Friday.
The picture doesn't really do this piece justice. It's just gorgeous in person. I never get tired of the "magic" of what the dyes do, with the ice and nothing from me. I guess I'm a lazy dyer.

Zeus helped me weed around the front edge of the pond.  It got away from me at the beginning of the summer and I never could really get back to pulling the weeds.  The same weeds that didn't seem bothered, in the least, by drought conditions. And, no, they weren't getting their drinks from the pond.

I spend the morning doing "householder chores". After my exercise class, which is beginning more and more like a water boot camp exercise class, I limped out of the building to drive Zeus's car over to Farm and Fleet. It was time for an oil change and his tire pressure light was on.

Most of the time I enjoy an excuse to wander the isles of Farm and Fleet. I found an adorable black and white cow outfit for Rory for Halloween. I am easy pickings when it comes to Halloween outfits for babies and toddlers. I also found a Mathews #52 Greenbay shirt for Curran. I can pack those up with a certain cookbook request from Caitlin, Boy, those Methodists Can Cook!

That little red spiral cookbook has the best comfort food recipes. Those ladies sure did bring the best pot luck dishes to the church suppers.

I grew up Baptist until my mother's divorce and before I got dunked. Then I was plopped into the Episcopal church, low Episcopal and trotted off to a Quaker school. After my marriage I heard about a great minister at the University Methodist Church and Zeus and I went to check him out. He was great and for over ten years we were Methodists.
Who knew they moved ministers around. I certainly didn't. When Myron was moved to another area and another church things just went downhill for me.

But, while we took the family to the Methodist church we benefited from some WONDERFUL church pot luck suppers. Yes, a lot of casseroles but the yummy kind with stuff I can't even think about now, let alone eat.  Cream cheese, sour cream..............bacon..........sigh well, it's best not to dwell on all of that. Suffice it to say that when a sister church in town put together their church cookbook I was first in line to buy a copy.  Then I went back and bought two more.

When Caitlin heard I was trucking cookbooks over to the library she quickly asked me to make sure that I didn't take the Methodist ladies cookbook.  She apparently didn't have one.

I emailed the church and just got back an email that they JUST found a box, down in storage of the original printing of the cookbook and yes I could have another one for the whopping fee of $5.00.

An, hour and a half spend at Farm and Fleet, another hour back again. Oh yeah, that's when I dropped off Zeus's FIXED car and he told me he was sorry but MY tire pressure light was on so back to F & F I went to have them check my tires. Anywho, a morning spend inhaling the scent of rubber and oil and I got home to an email saying YES, they had a cookbook for me.

As a good friend says, LIFE IS GOOD, strange but good.


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