Monday, July 23, 2012

Ready for college!

The other morning I heard running footsteps on the steps. I saw Riley come running down the hallway, waving her Curious George lunchbox in the air.  She careened around the corner and stopped in front of my chair and announced, "I have my CareBear blanket in my lunchbox and I'm ready for college."

You know, I think what tickles me the most is how a 3year old thinks. College is something special, in her mind.  Grandpa teaches a class there in winter, her Mommy takes classes there during the school year.
It is where she hears she will be going when she graduates high school. 

So why not just cut out all the stuff in between and just go now? She's got a lunchbox stuffed with her favorite blanket.  Upon opening the lunchbox and admiring and wondering how the heck she managed to stuff the blanket in there and get it closed, we discovered she also had a toy wrench and a Princess Pin.

I think a person can go far in education with a security blanket, a tool and something that announces who you are and most likely how you should be treated.

I was unable to fold that blanket up. She assured me that it was ok, she would do it.  Quite self sufficient at three. I asked her if she wanted to put any food in her lunchbox and she told me no that she got lunch at school. 

Thinking back on Zeus's experience at college, he certainly didn't miss any meals and I distinctly remember him telling me that the benches in the Library at Boston College were quite comfortable for taking a nap on. Now, if he had been better prepared like his granddaughter he would have packed a comfy blanket to use as a pillow for his head instead of his backpack.

Just remember this, Missy, YOU TOLD ME you were going to college. I'm holding you to that.



  1. You know you cannot go wrong with Curious George!!! Blessings! Peace, Mary Helen

  2. I truly loved this post.