Thursday, July 05, 2012

Postcards from Bea

Dear Folks,
Can you see that man in the white shorts hiding his head with his hat? No, unfortunately it's not a movie star, or famous athlete. It's Zeus. And, why am I sending you a postcard of Zeus hiding his head, in line, at the D Donuts store?


Word of advise to all married gentlemen out there. If your wife mentions to you that she is really, REALLY tired and when she gets off the plane she needs to grab a quick cup of probably should pay heed.

You do NOT and I stress NOT tell her as you march past the coffee stand in the airport that you are in a hurry, that you want to get down to the baggage claim and get the bags and get going.

Because when you do something dumb like that then your wifey, who has two GOOD, STRONG, METAL BIONIC KNEES will walk faster than you to the baggage claim area. She will arrive faster than you with your gimpy old knee and she will stand tall and strong on the opposite side of the baggage claim area for 15 minutes while she waits for the bags to arrive.
She won't glare, she will not even acknowledge your presence.

AND, if you try to make nice and come over and stand by her and point out interesting artwork in the airport that she might want to take a picture of she will inform you that there is NO WAY IN #$%&^ she wants to remember THIS AIRPORT.

Now, I'm not saying I'm high maintenance, I'm not, but boy when I say I NEED not want but NEED some caffeine and I get a hard time about it, well...........
And, yes, I could have stopped and bought myself a cuppa but lessons must be learned, you know.

I mean, ladies, they need training at times, am I not correct? Mothers do the best they can but it's up to us to take up the slack.

So, as we gathered up our baggage and headed for the taxi exit, Zeus found the D Donuts stand and INSISTED that I sit and wait while he stood in line to get me a coffee.

All in all the wait for the baggage, the wait in the long DD line far surpassed the length of time it would have taken me to grab a cup of coffee at the little place upstairs where we came out of the plane.

What can I say.

It's been 43 years and yet the lessons still continue.......


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