Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pondering from the chair.

If you have been following me for some time you know how much I love String Theory or just the whole field of Quantum Mechanics. 
I've been watching the NOVA series again, this summer. So many times a production is done that just seems to be aimed at middle school minds. The NOVA productions seem to take it up to high school level which is where my knowledge of science took a nose dive.
So, I'm sitting in my favorite chair, last night, covered with cats and a dog, trying to wrap my mind around the fact that SCIENCE AND MATH both have proved, PROVED now, that there are 11 dimensions.
We experience three, that's it. Our human machines aren't programmed to understand or experience the other eight.
Our human machines can't see all the light waves that there are. 

So, I'm thinking about why we are here. Are we just driven by our DNA and our need to procreate. Do we have another purpose other than daily resist gravity to get on with our lives? 

If our universe is like a "slice of bread" and the next slice is another universe and the next slice another which SCIENCE AND MATH have proved. And, our universe is just a membrane does the whole really look like a slice of bread? Why is it physically impossible for us to punch through the membrane?
Probably not a good idea I suppose. 

And, here is the part I love, especially for all the people that shake their collective heads and roll their eyes when anyone mentions that they often "feel" the energy of a departed loved one. 
They will tell them in a patronizing manner that it's just wishful thinking, that it is impossible, that there is no such thing as "ghosts", etc.

So, explain to me Entangled Particles. Explain to me how when two particles get close to each other and become entangled and separate that they now communicate with each other no matter how far you fling one particle from the other.

Do you know what scientists call this...........are you ready.........


Well, well.

And, if they continue the experiments on the Canary Islands of sending one of a pair of entangled particles to another Island successfully, that the phrase, BEAM ME UP SCOTTY, may actually be used, for real.
Probably, not in my lifetime but the idea isn't so science fiction  like now.

And, just so you know that I was paying attention, they take those two little particles that were entangled, send one far away to another Island, the they introduce another particle to the first one, the first one takes on everything about the new little particle which, and I love this part, AUTOMATICALLY CHANGES THE SECOND PARTICLE the one that was sent far across the water to another Island. And, the two become the new one.

Yeah, let me see you roll your eyes now.  

And, you give me a hard time when I tell you that Murphy sees dead dogs.


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  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I was hoping you were watching this series. Russ is fascinated.