Wednesday, July 18, 2012

101? 101? WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

Do you see that temperature?

Let me tell you friends..........I DO NOT do well in temperatures like that. I think my brain has fried.

And, please don't tell me that it doesn't bother you because you live in a climate where it often reaches those temperatures BUT it isn't HUMID.

Well, it wasn't humid here either. It rained a tiny bit again last night but not enough to save the state's corn crop.

It hasn't been humid it's just been hot, hot, HOT!
And, what I have found out about myself is that I just drag myself around, outside to move hoses, inside to the cool air, outside to move hoses, inside to cool air and so forth. I have the energy of a slug.

So, there has been no blogging. And, I realize that the computers are in the house, in the nice cool air but my energy level is at zero. I have lots of nice things I would love to blog about but even dragging myself to my computer chair seems to exhaust me.  And, that's just thinking about doing it.

The pool is 90 degrees. So now we have a very large hot tub. sigh.........COME ON MOTHER NATURE remember.............this is Wisconsin, the dairy state.
You keep this up and the cows won't be producing anything.

I walked up the steps of the gym with an older gentleman.  We talked about the weather. I mentioned that we might have to get used to this if it was due to global warming. He looked at me and said, "You believe that crap?"

Sometimes I just want to smack them all.


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