Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Zeus

Zeus is now officially in his new office space. The old building has been torn down. The rented space cleared out and now it's down to getting everybody settled in their new offices.
Zeus has planned to take the back office and at the last minute, THANKFULLY, he decided to take one of the front offices. A corner with lots of floor to ceiling windows. There is a lot of light and space for him now. 
This morning I could hear it in his voice that he was HAPPY to be going off to work today. 

We leave for Boston soon.  We are off to spend some time with James, Caitlin, Curran and new baby Rory.
I suspect that the hot weather we are experiencing here in Wisconsin is going to follow us out East. 
We'll be out at the Cape again, enjoying the ocean breezes, yummy food and some Grammybea and Grandpa time with the grandchildren.

James tells me that Curran, 2 yrs old, new expression is "Oh, my goodness". 

I'm taking my lap top so I'll be keep you up to date on what and where we're doing.

Photo: Sign in window of coffee shop in town of Oregon, Wi

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