Monday, June 04, 2012

Zeus and Hera celebrated 43 amazing years yesterday by working in the garden, digging weeds, hauling dirt, moving plants and generally forgetting they even had an anniversary.
Zeus was actually convinced that it was June 4th.
Hera was convinced that Zeus is officially losing it.
It's on the kitchen calendar. It has a BIG RED HEART on the 3rd.  Do you think either of us remembered it?
Way back in March I did and bought Zeus a card. I spend most of the afternoon yesterday trying to remember where on earth I put that card.
So, we are celebrating it tonight. It's a beautiful day, the pool it up to 83 degrees, more along my idea of a decent temperature for swimming. I've got brats to grill, sliced potatoes, corn and this beautiful cake all thanks to the local market, Millers.
We will play in the pool with Riley, pour our beers and lemonade, clink our glasses and toast to our good fortune not to have killed each other yet. And, because I got to pick out the cake we will be eating CHOCOLATE cake.


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  1. Congrabulations! I hope I can make it that far with mine before my time on this big blue marble comes to a standstill.