Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

There is something wrong with this picture. Not the cars, they are beautiful, if you like expensive sports cars. 
There is something wrong, as Zeus says, on at least three levels here.
I see only one but it's a big enough one for me.

I see arrogance.

I love my Rav. Those of you that follow the blog know that I got my Rav after years and years of driving vans.  Hauling kids, dogs, sport equipment, groceries, etc around in vans. 

I don't baby my Rav but I get indigent when somebody thoughtlessly dings my car with their door, in a parking lot.  I fuss over scratches in the paint. I understand it's just a car but it's the first really nice FUN car I've ever had. 

As much as I love my car I DO NOT take up two parking spaces to protect it.  And, yes, I see you nodding your head, my Rav isn't a Corvette.
I don't care.

It takes a certain level of arrogance to pull into two spots at an angle, at a coffee shop, just to get a cup of coffee. 

I think Zeus and I are more  old, jeep convertible kind of people, you know?

We took Riley to our new coffee shop, next to where Zeus's new office space is going to be.  She was impressed with the doughnut muffins, the tops covered with sugar.
Murphy was impressed that he was finally allowed out of the car, on leash and tied to the patio chair. Much easier to get crumbs dropped from the table.

Zeus picks up the keys to the new office space on Monday and they move from their temporary quarters on Tuesday. I'll be happy when they are all settled in.

I've been asked to create some artwork for the reception area.  Of course, I went to bed, dreamed the entire process and end results of said artwork and now just have to actually do it. I love it when that happens but it does put pressure on me to actually bring the vision into reality.

So, I'm off to finish planting the last of the grasses I bought a month ago.  They say, rain tonight. We could sure use it. The grass in back in brown. I'm just trying to keep my new trees, in front, alive.

:)Bea, who wants you to create more. You need it for your emotional well being, you know.

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  1. I don't think that its arrogance for someone to take up two spaces, but sheer stupidity/laziness. There are certain group of people, whether they drive a super expensive car like the one pictured or a normal one like yours, park anyway they see fit and it doesn't bother them one iota if they screw things up for everyone else.