Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome to my neighborhood.

Would you look at that smile. She didn't just do that for the camera. Readers I would like you to meet Amanilia. She works at the driveup window of my local MickyD's.
Last year I showed you a picture of the young man that had wonder body art up and down his arms. He has since moved on to warmer climates. He was never happy in the first window of MickyD's, in Wisconsin, especially, in winter.
Amanilia  appeared one morning with her cheerful voice and big smile and she has brightened up my day whenever I drive through for my ice tea or Diet Coke.
She sports colorful beautiful nails, she loves her grill that she saved up to buy, she says she makes a mean barbecue sauce. 

She loves my dog. 
She is ALWAYS in a good mood.

I think I would drive through and order anything just to have that pleasant personality start my day.
In the space of one or two minutes that it takes her to take my money, she is taking an order, asking me how my day is going, what I am working on in the studio and if Murphy is at daycare. 
She is an amazing multitasker.

 I envy her. I find I can do less than three things at one time, probably only one thing if I really want to do it well.
Lately, I've been known to put something in the oven, walk away and completely forget that it's in there. My adult children have just taken it out, shook their collective heads and not called me on it. 

I have a number of special people in my neighborhood. People that go a little extra out of their way for me. They are just doing their jobs and they don't have to go the extra mile but they do. Elaine at the hardware store that mails my packages off for UPS. She knows which one of the kids the package is going to and she remembers who had a baby recently and asks about them. Gus at the post office that has been losing weight so he can have surgery he needs always takes a minute if there isn't a line to ask me if I have any new art postcards to send. He enjoyed seeing them when I was mailing lots of them out to people. At the second window of MickyD's is Rita whose niece works at the doggy day care where Murphy goes.  She always slips a doggie treat to my hand when she hands me my ice tea. 

Just regular people doing their jobs and a little more.

Thank you, all of you. Mr. Rogers would like my neighbor, yes he would.


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  1. Awesome post, Bea! I love your neighborhood.