Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bea and the Sunflower Stalk

Normally I don't grow sunflowers. This like its brothers and sisters in the pot are volunteers from the dropped seeds from the bird feeder. They fell in an empty pot and by early spring the pot was full of little seedlings.
Sunflowers are HEAVY drinkers of water! They also must have huge root structures because they have become super high maintenance in the pot since our drought began. 
For the past three weeks I have had to water that pot morning, noon and night to keep the poor things from curling up and dying.

When I was growing up, my father's parents lived out in the country. They were surrounded by farm land which I think they rented out. My grandfather Buehler was a mechanic. I can't remember ever seeing him any place else but in the huge barn type garage, they had, working on cars. 
One of my father's younger brothers built a house on the property and perhaps he was the farmer. 
I do remember that one year one of the fields was planted with sunflowers.
My cousins and I played Hide and Seek in the rows. I must have been very young because I remember the sunflowers to towered over me.

It was the oddest sensation running down rows of green with large golden flowers over my head. I think an almost magical moment.

I grew up on fairy tales. I had the complete works of  Hans Christian Andersen and The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. I bet if I had come across a thick sunflower stem that seemed to climb up to the sky I would have climbed it myself, to see the giant.

Which reminds me I never did finish telling you that fairy tale story, did it?


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