Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mt. Horebible what have you done?

Small towns surrounding the city of Madison, struggle to keep their own identity. Nobody wants to be known as a sleeper community. Verona, once a crossroads with a cheese store on the corner is no exception.

For years and years the weekend ofJune 10th in Verona was known for the HOMETOWN DAYS celebration.
The carnival was hired, the hot air balloons were unloaded in Fireman's Park, and the center feature, a colorful beer tent was set up. Hey, we know our priorities here.

Then, last year trouble started brewing. The festival organizers threw up their collective hands and said they couldn't run the festival anymore. The money they had promised from the festival to give the City for a flashing electronic welcome sign was instead given to the fire department.

I suspected there was trouble when they cut our the pie contest two years ago. That's the pie contest in which I entered 10 pies, in ten different categories. That's another story.

So, Verona-ites sadly walked up and down Main Street wondering why they couldn't have a festival. A well to do gentleman, who quote "had a million little things to do" plus run his magazine and company and who really liked the beer tent said he would take over the running of Hometown Days.

The happy little Verona-ites clapped their pudgy little hands and geared up for another rip snorting weekend.


Over the hill and down Highway PD past 15 or so roundabouts the sneaky little trolls of Mt. Horeb were up to something. They met in secret. They didn't release their committee minutes to the Mt. Horeb Mail paper. They didn't publicize ANYTHING. The only mention of their plans was in the committee minutes and that was headlined by Plans for Kick Off for summer.

What did these trolls do? THEY SNATCHED THE CARNIVAL AWAY. When it appeared that Verona wouldn't have a Hometown Days celebration the troll committee contacted Calkins Midways, which had been OUR carnival since 1979 and they TOOK THAT WEEKEND SLOT for next year.

Can you imagine the audacity? The sneakiness? Just goes to show you can't trust a troll these days.
The Mount Horeb Summer Frolic organizers claim they did nothing wrong. The carnival people had an opening and they hired them. Yes, it's unfortunate that it's the same weekend that Verona has ALWAYS had it's festival.............BUT...........
well, shrug......and then something in Norwegian that I couldn't understand.

Now, Verona can either pick a new date and hope to find a carnival, keep the same date and find a new carnival and compete with the trolls or give up on having a summer festival, sob?

And, because the bottom line of all these festivals is to make money, now there are committee meetings to discuss moving graduation up or back, moving the festival to the last two weekends of May and risk the chance of rain in order to have a festival before the Trolls. 
When there is a chance of bringing $10,000.00 into a small community, from a fair, this is big doings. 

If you move the date further into the summer you run into William Tell Days, Art fairs and every other small town festival.  Not to mention the huge event in Madison, the STATE FAIR where everything you can imagine is deep fried.

Oh woe is me, will Verona have it's Hometown Days? Will there be conflict and troll hunting in the days to come? Will roundabouts be squared?

This is Bea reporting from Verona where the children are inside at their computers and the parents are bemoaning the loss of their beloved beer tent.


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  1. Oh no Bea! You need your festival back! I hope the trolls are held back by the mighty Veronians and the festival (complete with beer tent) carries on!