Friday, June 22, 2012

It's that time of the year, again.

It seems with summer and the children home and in and out of the back door, more often, things go missing. I suspect Erle had free flying privileges in the house and saw an adventure he couldn't say no to when he flew out the back door.

Now, I tried to imagine how I would feel if I was in say the parking lot of the mall and a small turquoise and white bird landed on my shoulder whistling and singing. Would my first response to be to slap the thing off my shoulder or would I look in amazement at this talking, whistling little bird?

I sense from the last line that one irritated person wrote this ad. A mother that is exasperated beyond belief. Just grab the little *@&^# and CALL.  All those days I spent training him, cleaning his cage, feeding him and this is how he repays me? And, those little rug rats, in and out, in and out, how many times have I said, SHUT THE DOOR or KEEP THE BIRD IN IT'S CAGE!

This ad makes me sad. No name, an offer of a reward but just the wording leads me to believe that no one really thinks this beautiful old cat is going to come home. It may have gone on its last walk-about and the owner knows it. An effort, a half effort was made. 

Growing up I didn't have pets. A kitten arrived on my doorstep during the hurricane Hazel and that's what we called her. I always thought it was strange that she arrived just when the hurricane started. Recently, my mother enlightened me that she was in it with my great grandfather and they pretended to find her on the doorstep. I find that all rather strange. Did they love the name Hazel so much that they thought that was the only way they could insist that we call her that? Why on earth would adults go out in a storm with a kitten, put her on the doorstep, hide in the bushes so I could have my great grandfather open the door and pick her up. Very weird thinking as I look back on it.

She was the resident mouser so really not a playmate. In fact, I can't really remember having much to do with her.

My next pet was a puppy that I lobbied for, over a couple of months.  I had no idea my parents were preparing to separate and for some again strange notion they thought getting me a puppy would occupy my attention. 
Neither of them had any interest in taking care of the puppy.
They got him for me at Christmas, by spring he was barely house trained and certainly full of energy that wasn't being dealt with. When he did escape from the house he would run wild over the neighbors yards with me following just as wild, screaming for him. I didn't have a clue what to do with a puppy. 

By fall, my mother and I had moved out of the house into an apartment. Still unclear as to what I was supposed to do for the puppy other than feed it, he lasted about a month when my mother announced that she had found a good home for him. He would go live with a butcher and his family. For some reason, she thought that the idea of the puppy getting good cuts of meat would make me happy.

I was relieved not to have to clean up after the puppy who seemed to find our one and only comfy chair his private bathroom.

I'm on my sixth dog now with two cats and the bird, "that will not die".  I've learned a lot more about pets and how they become members of your family and take a piece of your heart when they die. 

She's mad about the bird flying away. Despite how she grumbled about taking care of it, she loved that bird. She taught it to talk, she sang to it and whistled tunes. 
The cat owner, well..... I suspect that they knew it was time.
They made the motions but their hearts weren't really in it.

My heart goes out to all the people that have to put up Lost Animal signs. 


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