Sunday, June 10, 2012

Come, let's go get some coffee.

Saturday mornings, Zeus and I like to go out for coffee.  It's our chance to catch up on the week, spend some time together and frankly, for Zeus to get something sweet to eat since his wifey won't buy stuff like that for him.

Yesterday we decided to go in an entirely different direction and headed towards Paoli.  I love the fact that Wisconsin has so many similar names to towns in Pennsylvania. Makes me feel right at home. 

I was probably 13 when our little church choir joined another church choir and traveled by bus to some little church owned park.
We picked up the fellow choir members in Paoli, Pennsylvania in our large yellow school bus. To make sure that we all got along our choir director told us, when we got on the bus to keep a seat empty next to us.  That way when the Paoli group boarded they would have to divide up and sit with us. NOT, the plan that we all had, trust me. 
A young man with brown hair and blue eyes sat next to me. I'm guessing that not a word was spoken the entire trip. This was before my "blossoming out" stage so he was sitting next to a tall skinny, girl with glasses who was probably blushing the entire time.

I'm sure he was just as tongue tied.  We did interact during the day, playing softball, running races and all the innocent things that kids used to do when they went to the park. We had our church picnic which the ladies had provided every baked dish known to a church supper. 

On the ride back home he sat with me again.  
I don't remember his name.
I remember the hair and the eyes.
I remember that I thought I was madly in love with him.

I never saw him again but I always fondly smile when I drive past the Paoli sign.

So, back to coffee with Zeus, my real TRUE LOVE.
That's Zeus showing you the water glass we got.  It's a little Ball Mason jar with ice cold well water. 
We found a little Cafe in Paoli. 
Ken our host was so proud of his new Cafe. He and his wife had opened the Natural Food Grocery store five years ago and just five weeks ago he had finished the addition to the store of the cafe.
He proudly discussed the wood work with Zeus.
He told us about how everything is Organic that they make and sell.
He told us with his eyes shinning how the meat was raised, on their farm, SOY FREE. 
When we went to place our order Zeus said I was smiling like a proud parent.  I was just so taken by his PASSION. 
This is it. It's not a big space. When you go to small towns you find places like this. Clean, honest, bits and pieces of furniture and you often find the best food in the world. 
If you spend your life eating at chains, fast foods, or what ever pops out of your toaster then you are missing something.  Get your keys and wallet, get in the car and take a drive. Take a back road, look for a sandwich sign propped outside that says CAFE and give it a shot. 
I had the best bacon ever. I will drive the 20 minutes or so to Paoli to buy his bacon. It has been suggested that I give up bacon and I was willing to do that for supermarket stuff but not this. Like the organic, grass and insect fed chicken eggs I've been eating this bacon had FLAVOR. I mean real flavor. 
As Ken said, the store, the food they serve all are throwbacks to 80 years ago before genetic engineering took over the food supply.
I had two eggs over easy, bacon and home made wheat grain toast.
I thought Grandma was in the kitchen cooking. 
I'll be back.
I promised Ken I would spread the word.
I admire folks that TRY, that do what makes them happy and brings that sparkling light to their eyes.
I hope the Cafe is a success.  


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  1. What a great spot! Would love to check it out next time we are out there!