Sunday, May 06, 2012

Here is the companion piece to Northern Lights. Probably should call it Southern Lights but I think it's just Northern Lights, II.

You remember this piece? NORTHERN LIGHTS? Well, I had it framed and boy does it look nice up on the wall.
The frame is silver with a distressed look.

A couple of workshops ago we did some fabric printing with stamps and stencils on fabric pieces.
I like the look of this one and added some paper and paint to the base layer. 


I worked on another piece today. I honestly started out with my own idea and then somewhere along the line the painting seemed to take over. Pictures tomorrow after it is dried some more.

The 6th or So, annual Kentucky Derby party went off, yesterday, without a hitch. Lots of nice people, tons of good food, decent weather, although no sun but then again no rain. Riley's horse didn't win but she enjoyed the yelling for any horse to cross the line.
A turkey hen and numerous birds came to the pond and waterfall to show off for the guests. We didn't even have to cue the duck pair, they showed up too.
Murphy was beside himself trying to herd everybody back to their seats. He found chasing people from going for a walk in the woods or heading over to the barn for ping pong way to exhausting. Why can't they just stay in the pack in one place?
We've had thunder storms all day, making it a very nice reason to stay up in the studio, painting.
Zeus restored his brass telephone lamp that his step-father had given him. It had suffered from smoke damage from the fire. He also cleaned up some other brass pieces that he had rescued. They actually look better than they have for a long long time.
Off to make tacos for dinner. It's a good life.

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