Sunday, May 13, 2012

               HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU

I received this GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers from my children. Thank you Justin, James and Mary. They are beautiful. The whole bouquet has a wonderful old world look to it.  I would use the term Shabby Chic but honestly there is nothing shabby about these flowers.

We all know there isn't any manual written for being a parent, especially a mother. Some of us muddle through it, holding our breath and hoping that we have covered all the bases, managed not to screw up our kids to much and hope their therapists aren't on their speed dial.

When we are little, who and what are parents are, is just who and what they are. We don't have a lot to compare them to. They are our Mommy's and Daddy's. It's when we get out in the world and visit other families that we start to think about what kind of job or person these parents are.

I think with age and time most of us learn to understand, appreciate and perhaps forgive them for being human. Many of us carried disappointment, frustration, anger, hurt and a boatload of other emotions around with us for years. Certainly, not healthy for us.

For some of us it's growing older, walking a similar path, seeing a bigger picture that helps us understand why our mother's and father's may have been like they were or are.

It's such a relief to be able to shed the baggage. To see them with understanding eyes. Perhaps not to excuse them but to forgive them and get on with our on lives. Not to waste any more time and energy on emotions that only burden us and hold us in place.

I wish all of us could say that we had the BEST mother in the world. I wish many of us could say that we were able to put our arms around her today and tell her how much she meant to us. How much we love her. For many that isn't possible. Send it out into the wind. Stand outside under the sky and tell her.
She can hear you.

For the rest of us, pick up the phone, drop by or sit down and write a letter. Let your mother know that you appreciate her. She did the best she knew how at the time. It's all we really know how to do.

With love to all the mothers out there.  :)Bea

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