Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hank is the newest addition to the Minnesota clan. He's a Golden Doodle but, now wait for this..........his father was a miniature poodle and his mother a standard size golden retriever. I'll give you a minute to wrap your mind around that.
He's adorable. He's Penny's new toy. Murphy was delighted to play the old bachelor uncle role. Not that he didn't get involved if he felt Hank was over stepping boundaries. A nudge, a growl and the kid was back iin line. Penny is their other dog, another Doodle but from standard size dogs. She's white and reminds me very much of Phyllis Diller.
We had our summer kick off swim party on Sunday. The weather cooperated nicely, temperatures up in the mid 90's.
I have to tell you though, I'm feeling my age. I was EXHAUSTED getting ready for it and then the cleaning up part.  The kids helped out and really I couldn't have asked for better helpers but I was tired. I think Zeus and I both took naps after everybody left and then still wandered off to bed at an early time.
I think one of the May parties is going to have to be scratched off the calendar. My vote is for the Kentucky Derby one. It's always so early in the season and my gardens aren't ready and there aren't any flowers in the pots and some years the weather is so crappy we have to be inside. The Memorial Day party always seems to be able to be planned on a nice sunny, hot day for swimming.
Justin and Shari worked BIG TIME on my hosta beds, weeding and mulching and removing the mounds of dirt that were piled up from the edging machine. I can't tell you how much I appreciated that. I've been working on sections at a time but it takes me twice as long as it took those two, working together to do it.
AH youth.................sigh.
One of Zeus's friends brought over some plants and bulbs to be planted. Thanks heavens it rained on Sunday and the ground is finely nice and soft for planting.
I picked up my pumpkin seedlings today. Get those in the ground. This year I'm planting larger ones for carving not the little toddler size ones.
Ok, enough chit chat, it's off to work I go. Beautiful day, nice breeze, temps only in the low 60s, perfect for working in the yard.

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