Monday, May 07, 2012

It 's finished, The Arm of the Spiral.  It named itself. I'm not sure that's what I would have called it but sometimes, paintings are very, VERY persistent about what they want to be called. It's not Steampunk even though I've included additional pieces of metal. It's an abstract made of acrylic layers, stencils, paper, some fiber and metal. It pleases me, for some reason I find it soothing.

No rain so far today but it's certainly cloudy and a bit cool. I'm going to go check out the garden soil and see if it's still to wet to do some planting.

I made it to my 8:00am water aerobics class again this week. I got there a tad early so I did some laps about 5 minutes before class started. Unfortunately, the water was so cold that the additional 15 minutes tacked onto the hour made me feel like an ice cube. I can see why some of the ladies wear shirts over their bathing suits for a little additional warmth.  Although, it seems that just means you have on a wet, cold t-shirt.

The Grosbeaks have arrived and during the part of Saturday we saw a Swallow fly around the yard.  Probably checking us out to see if the set up was still the same.  They nest in the old barn across the street and then come over to our yard to eat bugs and do their amazing flying stunts.

There has been a flutter of activity on the front porch.  I saw a female Cowbird trying to get to the Robin's nest. Neither of the Robin's were allowing that. She's going to have to find some unsuspecting Purple Finch to raise her young.  I watched the male Robin turn the eggs in the nest. He very carefully readjusted each egg then carefully stepped over them and sat down for a spell. It was sweet to watch.

A couple of workshops ago, we, the art ladies, worked on this experiment. It was adding paper, text, cheesecloth to cloth and then painting the whole thing using just two colors. I wasn't impressed with the process. I kept staring at this large piece of "glob" and muttering to myself.
Last time we met I decided to just take my scissors to it and cut out a chunk that didn't hurt my eyes.
I then just sat and looked at it, turning it around and around, letting the piece tell me what it wanted to be.
I could force something or just wait and see what did emerge.
Tomorrow, I'll show you what came out of  "the blog".



  1. Bea, I love your Arm of the Spiral. I think you're right, fit is very restful. I think it's to do with the lovely blue and golden colours and the balance you have achieved with the vertical and horizontal elements. There is so much to look at, it's a beautiful piece.

  2. Wow, Arm of the Spiral is wonderful Bea! I just love it!

  3. Gorgeous piece!! Very calming.