Friday, May 04, 2012

I'm sorry to have left you all, for so long, with that sad, sad, picture of Zeus's old office.  It's been a busy week.  The FIRM is now set up in temporary quarters with a lovely view of the Beltline traffic. It's only for two months and then it looks like they will sign a lease for five years and move into a fantastic new space. 
An investment company has run out of room so they are building practically next door to their current office space. Zeus and his crew will take over the "old" space. It's huge, it's modern, it's beautiful, high ceilings, lots of room for everybody and the company won a DESIGN AWARD two years ago when they renovated the space. Zeus is very happy. And, as they say about me, when Zeus is happy everybody is happy.
Last night he came home from spending the day pulling files and what could be saved from his now burnt office space.
When he first arrived the Fire Marshall's had no idea how he was going to get into his old office, the floor had caved in, the ceiling could collapse and they weren't about to let ordinary civilians go in. 
Zeus came home, grabbed a rake, shovel, pick axe and went back to the scene. He and his partner devised a rather ingenious system of using the rake and shovel to scoop up files from the floor, books off of shelves, pictures, documents and just about anything they could save.  They worked through two thunderstorms, hauling out wet but salvageable stuff.
In all the rubble, Zeus found the tiny little brass half of an apple that I had given him, when we were dating, over 44 years ago. It had my picture in it. I'm now melted and the brass is tarnished but he saved his "other half". HOW SWEET IS THAT? lol
He managed to get Krista's diploma and her stock certificate of a part of the ownership of the Green Bay Packers, off her wall, of her office.  She was happy.
At the end of the day, Zeus went to play some golf. Does that man know how to balance life or what?
Here's something I didn't know about a fire in an office building. There are fire investigators from the Building Insurance Company, Individual office Insurance Fire Investigators, elevator installers, yep, they have fire inspectors and just about everybody else that had anything to do with the building. Everybody has to come to a conclusion.
Here I just thought it was the Madison Fire Investigators. Nope. And, as a result of so many people it still hasn't been determined other than it started under the crawl space, could have been electrical, arid smoke started first coming up through the floor. 
Mary said that when she grabbed her keys, phone and paycheck to run out of the building she turned off her computer and got a shock so I guess that says something too.
Today, they tear down the building and lift out the remaining file cabinets from the offices. Apparently, all the wet paper and file folders go to some place where they freeze them to dry them out.
Zeus brought home the three quilts that he had hanging in his office.  I've washed them twice in heavy duty stuff but the smell of smoke is embedded in the fibers. The Healing Hands quilt that I made for the show at the University of Wisconsin, for STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, just shredded.  The whole one side of it burned.
The quilt that I was commissioned to make for their reception area is dust.
It's just a BIG reminder that things are things, life is short and make the most of TWENTY SUMMERS.



  1. You are so right. Things are things. Which is why having artwork in cyberworld is a kind of insurance policy. Makes me realize that I should photograph anything I haven't already and same in a couple of cyber spots.

    The pieces that have disappeared are creating a space for new things. Didn't I hear that a couple times from someone who strongly resembles you?

    Looking forward to seeing pics of Zeus' new digs.


  2. Yes, it's really me! I am packing boxes... I have just caught up on the first page of your blog - only about 200 more to go I would guess. Johnny the Depp made my heart skip a beat! I love love those little monsters you and your talented group have made. I am so sorry to hear about Zeus's office - what a mess. But glad he has found new premises so quickly and managed to rescue an important little momento. Awww. I shall visit again and catch up some more.. ~hugs~. xxx