Thursday, May 10, 2012

I have hauled plants up steps, weeded out pots, planted said plants, taken pots and weeds back down the steps. I have dug, pulled, yanked, carried wobbly bags of manure and the Goddess knows what else and somebody DARES to tell me this isn't exercise? I'm walking, moving and after three hours of it, I'm exhausted.
True, I'm not sweating. True, I did not get my heart rate up for an extended length of time. True I did not do 15 reps watching my posture, concentrating on my "core". But, @#^* give me a break, I have been moving.

I love my water aerobics classes. I don't love them because they are easy. I don't love them because I get to see lots of other people. I LOVE them because when I am in the water I don't have to worry about how I do the exercise. I actually have fun. In fact, between you and me, I feel like a four year old. I throw myself into the lunges and the seahorse, I hop and leap and don't worry about how I land or how I look.

Do you remember the episode in Friends where Phoebe goes running in the park with Rachael and Rachael is so embarrassed about how Phoebe runs?  Phoebe tells her, "Who cares how you look? Don't you want to run like you did when you were little and running was FUN?"

Well, that's how I feel in the water. When I have to balance myself with the bells and then lift my feet up off the bottom of the pool and start to flutter kick I go around in circles. I notice nobody else seems to go around in circles. Maybe my weight distribution is off? Maybe I have a natural list to one side? Anyway, around I go and honestly it's fun.

When it's time to do something on the noodle I love it. I feel like I'm riding a pony.

When it's all said and done I spend an hour moving my feet, getting my heart rate up, moving my upper body using the bells as weights and according to the instructor who is demonstrating all these exercises, ON LAND, we are working 14 times harder than her. Hey, she said, it not me. And, if she said it to make us feel good, that's ok.  But, you know I would do it anyway because it brings out the little kid in me.

When we have to alternate arms and legs I realize that the synapses in my brain that control that haven't fired in a while.  It takes me a moment or two to figure out which arm should be moving and which leg.
BUT, it doesn't matter because nobody can really see me and as long as I keep bobbing around, moving water I'm good.

Do you know that there are some exercises that we do moving water with our arms that actually make me want to GRUNT like those tennis players do?  And, if all 25 people have been going in one direction around the pool and suddenly we have to reverse and go the other way, that's not easy.

For months, I rode the bike in the gym. I walked the track, I walked the treadmill and frankly I was bored and hated most of the time I spent doing it.  It was something I had to get through.

I don't feel that way about the water class. The kid in me wants to get there. Wants to play in the water.
Wants to go around in circles, gallop from one end to the other, high five fellow exercises when we pass each other in the pool.

Eight in the morning is early for all this excitement but it sets my mood for the day.  For one hour I forget all the grown up issues and problems, responsibilities, errands and jobs I have to do.  For one hour I play and I love it. I'm another Phoebe running in the park.

:)Bea  Who hopes you find something that brings out the inner kid in you.

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  1. I love the body moves without pain most of the time if the water is not too cold. You are working out Lady!!! Now go do something FUN! Make ART!!! Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart