Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Earth Weaver

This is what became of the cheesecloth technique the Studio Artists tried back in April. I was never really happy with the technique so you would have to look hard to find the cheesecloth in this final piece. 
I stared at the large original sheet and finally found a small section that I actually liked, cut that out and worked from there.
It's a lesson is letting go of expectations and being willing to just use a portion of something. It's being able to cut into, tear apart, or even paint over something that isn't working for you.
We don't always fall in love with everything that we create. Sometimes I need to remember that experimentation is just that and learning a technique is also just that.
I am happy with what did develop out of this project.
I learned that I really don't care for that technique but I do like the texture of painted cheesecloth.
It's really a more striking piece but for some strange reason I photographed it on the tarp I was using.
What ever was I thinking?

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  1. I really like that/ Love the color!!........