Monday, May 14, 2012

Do they look familiar to you?  If so, YOU must have been watching The Amazing Race this past season. And, hey who is that big stinky Badger next to them? Ahhhhhh, yes, BUCKY BADGER and that's because Rachel Brown and her husband Dave were the ONE MILLION DOLLAR WINNERS. Rachel and Dave live in Madison but, BUT Rachel works at EPIC. So they graced the cover of the local Verona Press fish wrapper this past week. Yes, I am happy for them. The government makes some money in taxes and they get to take home half of their winnings and Epic gets some more free press. No, I'm not being petty here, well ok, maybe a tad, holding my thumb and pointy finger up a little.
The article in the newspaper reminds me of Six Degrees of Separation. I'm happy for them. I expect it was a grueling 25 days, traveling all over the world, doing difficult stunts. They live in Madison. The only tie they have to Verona is.............................sigh......................Epic.
Not to say our little local paper isn't packed with juicy Verona gossip. Why the first thing I turn to is the page with the Police Report on it.  That's where I learn what the kids are up to these days. Last week I discovered that one of the "new things" to do is to drive through Micky D's, order an ice cream cone and then smash it outside the building. HEY, hold those thoughts until I finish. The children of Verona are a step ahead or painfully behind the curve.
This week I discovered that "forking" is one of the new weekend activities. No, much more harmless than you are thinking.  Apparently they stick dining utensils in someone front yard. And, if that doesn't get you all giddy then you can stuff marshmallows in somebodies mailbox. Oh My! Of course, the favorite is TPing somebodies bushes or large tree. That's toilet paper for those of you out of the loop.
And, then when all else fails and you have run out of forks and toilet paper there is always jumping off a high brick wall and videotaping yourselves to send to a website.
The nice thing is that those students and I use that word loosely are so stupid they they get caught by the local police who probably have a lot of better things to do with their time.
Maybe instead of an adult Amazing Race show we should round up these kids and send them on a different kind of Survival Race show. Let's send them to parts of the world where getting your next meal means spending the day on top of a garbage dump trying to find items that you can sell. Or walking bare foot from your village to the local school, maybe two or three miles away, with your bowl, get your porridge and then walk back to the village to feed your younger brothers and sisters their breakfast. You get the drift.

Too much time on their hands, GrammyBea says. And, I'm not talking about filling young people's hours up with sports and video games. Some good honest hard work. The non paying kind, you know like cutting the lawn, weeding the garden, walking the dog,  And, for goodness sake PARENTS, keep that toilet paper under lock and key. Don't buy plastic dining utensils, think green, and start writing your congress people for legislation to implant GPS in your kids, like we do our pets. You might get to your kid faster before he jumps off the 10' high brick wall and breaks his arm.



  1. I am struggling with this new format.... but I do know we have some young people who are misguided and somewhat lost here in Newark. A real job with some work , real work to give them some backbone would be just the right answer. I have never heard of the plastic utensil trick...who thinks these things up? Happy Mother's Day! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. OMG Fernley (where I am in NV which gets more than it's fair share of sunshine) and Verona (which gets more than it's fair share of rain) could be sister cities when it comes to kids and fish wrappers! Both seem to be getting....hmmmm....or,...are they redefinig stupid and proud of it?????.......????...!


  3. OOps....that word is supposed to be redefining! In spite of the lost n...everyone probably got the intended message