Friday, April 06, 2012

Where on where can the Little Pot Boy Be? Oh Where oh where can he be?

I like to check out the local yard art in my "neighborhood". The Pot Lady has always been one of my favorites. She changes with the seasons which means she's interactive art in my book.
Now, she has always had little Pot Boy sitting next to her. All fall he wore a cheesehead. Now, he's missing. I feel I should put a sign up next to her asking where he has gone. I miss the little bugger.

I like it that my neighbors have a sense of humor with their yard art. I like it that they take the time to play with it.  I can't say I feel the same way about cement geese wearing raincoats though.  It's probably a very thin line.

My trees are going in and they look like they have always been in the yard.  It seems so strange to me to think about them NOT having been there.  I guess it's because I have been seeing them in my mind for so long.  I'm still debating about the decorative rail fence running across the top of the mounds.  I know it would give me another layer and provide a focal point for planting some Red Twig bushes and such.  Decisions, decisions.

We were supposed to have a freeze last night but looking at the things that are blooming they don't seem to have been bothered by it.  I did see the moon last night on one of my night excursions around the house, HUGE and yellow, it was.

We are all waiting for news of the newest grandbaby to arrive.  Caitlin went into the hospital last night. We know it's a little girl we just don't know when she is going to decide to make her appearance and tell us her name. Not to worry, I'll update you all.

The Artists of the Studio came out on Wednesday and helped finish sorting the last of my fabric stash. They all went home pleased with their selections and we filled three more bins to donate to RSVP.  The ladies of RSVP have a quilt group that makes quilts for charity so I'm pleased that the fabric will be keeping them busy for quite a while.
Trust me when I say I still have enough to play with for a long time.  As I sort through the bins of stuff that I just felt I couldn't part with I'm sure I'll be cutting off a chunk and sending the rest on to them.
Mary, our newest member took pity on me and took home an African quilt, that I had made many years ago and never finished.  It needed a binding and well, bindings require hand sewing and my fingers have just gotten a little to stiff to hold a needle for very long. I think I need to buy her lunch or something for doing that for me.  Thank you, Mary.

We are losing our "Founding Mother", Sue by June.  She will be moving to Alabama. She will be greatly missed and I hope that she keeps up with what is going on in the studio and even participates, long distance in some of the challenges and activities.  We couldn't really fix on the date but I think I ambled into her evening group, at the library way back in 95 or 96. 
The group has morphed over time, that happens but Sue has been our rock.

I'm watching the guys, out my front window, plant my new Maple tree.  It must be 10 feet or more tall. It's one of those gorgeous ones that, depending on the weather will turn that bright bright red, in Fall.  Yesterday, while I was out front with the workers I noticed that some deer had decided to scratch his antlers on the bark of my volunteer Sugar Maple. It's a beautiful tree about 10 feet high too and now has this nasty gash down one side of it.
Apparently, the new wisdom is not to do anything to the wound but allow it to heal by itself.
I suppose that's what give a tree it's character. Darn deer.  I thought they only needed to do that kind of scratching in Fall.

Ok, I'm off to the barn to start cleaning up the work tables and mess and start loading up the tractor wagon with POOL items.  Albert, Jr., the inflatable small alligator is already floating around. We call him our watch alligator.

:)Bea   Do something creative, it will make you feel sooooooooooo good, honest.

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  1. The Pot Lady is great!

    Parting with your stash is quite a big step. As always, I know you were generous with everyone. Maybe someday you'll recognize the prints somewhere.

    I'm itching to see your trees. Please post some pics. Everything is in bloom in Cinci. I can't believe my peonies are a foot high and the irises have been in bloom a week. Dogwoods are out all over and the Catalpa, the last to open leaves, is turning green. My eyes have been gluey for weeks with all the pollen--but I love it. Spring is always over too soon.

    Enjoy the day. Donna