Thursday, April 26, 2012

That's what is left of Zeus's office. Fire took most of the building on Tuesday.  I stopped by there yesterday to see the damage.
This is the other end of the building, where the fire started, on the second floor. The roof has caved in and the insides are gutted.
Nobody was hurt. Someone smelled smoke towards the end of the work day and called 911 then they got everybody out of the building.  Even people that weren't sure it was really that serious.
Zeus says today is a day of finding a new home for the office family. Then Friday it's a "let's see what we can salvage" day.
What makes me sad is the loss of some original artwork by his retired partner, Peggy. She had a beautiful felted and acrylic piece hanging in the reception area which was thoroughly attacked by the fire.
Apparently, the quilt I made that hung behind the receptionist is also history.  I see that the two little ones that I made for John's office are still hanging.  I wonder how Healing Hands quilt, made for a show to highlight Abuse Against Women fared?
Zeus says that it's all things, nobody hurt, things can be cleaned, replaced or remembered. 
Zeus also left work on Tuesday, weaving his car through the firetrucks off to play tennis. "After all, there isn't much I can do here," he said.



  1. A fire is terrible but so glad no one was hurt. He is right, it is all just stuff in the end. Still sad.

  2. very scary! glad Zeus is ok.

    I so enjoy stopping by here frequently, even tho I don't often leave a comment. You often make me smile and write so well! have a happy day today!

  3. I think Zues has his priorities in order! And I guess you can always make him another quilt ;)

  4. Wow.

    Glad he got out okay.

    Heck of a way to close out a month.