Wednesday, April 04, 2012

OOOOOOOOoooh, look!

There is nothing like the Easter displays at the local German Bakery.  I enjoyed a cup of free coffee as I wandered down the isles of homemade candy, cakes, pies, breakfast goodies and of course breads.
We didn't celebrate Easter when I was growing up. I remember my Great grandfather always mailing me a large chocolate bunny which my mother promptly put in the freezer never to see the light of day again. We didn't do Easter baskets. We did the new outfit sans hat and gloves.
Somewhere, there is a picture of my mother and I in our matching Easter dresses.
Easter meant going to church. Then going to someones home for a big mid day dinner.
I can't for the life of me ever remember going to my grandparents on my father's side for a holiday meal. I know they had a dining room I just never remember seeing it.  I do remember the four hour or so drive up to Shamokin to have a holiday meal with my mother's family. That was four hours or so in an uncomfortable 1954 Plymouth and both parents smoking, with the windows rolled up.

Zeus and I did Easter egg hunts for our kids. If the weather was crappy which, being Wisconsin it usually was, for Easter, we hid the plastic eggs in the house.
We dyed eggs, they sat around and went bad. Pretty to look at but I hardly remember anybody really eating them.
My grandmother dyed eggs in a pan of old onion skins.  When Martha Stewart claimed this as her idea back in the 70s I had to chuckle. No, no sweetie, the woman of the Depression era already laid claim to that idea.
My grandmother's eggs were hard boiled and we were expected to eat them. Those that didn't get eaten at the meal were peeled and plopped into a big canning jar and the jar filled with pickled beet juice.
I thought those were the prettiest eggs.  When you sliced them open the yellow yolk was surrounded by pink.
I actually refrained from buying any of the goodies at Clasen's Bakery. I did come home with some wonderful nine grain rolls.
They even have a little Egg Hut for the kids to crawl into and sit down and read.  Like that's really going to happen when the store is filled with CANDY!!!!

:)Bea, who really is still a kid at heart.

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  1. Hi Bea, Great Easter memories! I was in Chicago last week and was sorely tempted to load up on beautiful candy...but I knew I would eat it all! Thanks for checking in with me last week. I think I've had the winter doldrums, but happily I'm over that. I took lots of photos in Chicago,so have some blog posts in mind.