Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life imitating Seinfeld

There is always the odd in life or maybe it's the way some people actually look at life. I had my follow up visit to the doctor yesterday. We went over my records, AGAIN.  I have to say Dr. Cassandra is thorough. Honestly, except for my weight I'm in good health. But and you know there is always a but, because of my weight I'm close, very close to stepping over into the "dark side" of health issues.
The doc wanted me to take my blood pressure for a month at different times of the day along with a blood glucose test.
I charted it. I love graphs, always did. There is something very neat and organized about a graph. I also LOVE the Periodic Chart but that's a whole different story. 
I gave her my chart. Now, you have to understand I HATE, really HATE remembering to take the time to do this stuff.
And, of course, there was the problem with not realizing that I had to put the Blood Pressure cuff on the INSIDE of my wrist, not on the back of my wrist. Once I worked out all the little issues I did it.  Of course, my nice chart makes it look like I was really on top of this whole thing. Well, at first glance.
She studied the chart and then said, "Maybe, we should start you on blood pressure medicine."
"No, no, no, not yet. Thank you very much."
Every once in a while a reading showed a spike. And, my note showed that I had been carrying around buckets of dirt, weeds, moving plants, digging, working in the yard. Resting heart rate was fine. So, I told her no, I wanted to wait six months and see where I was on my weight loss plan.
She nodded and then returned to the computer and started typing madly.
I was immediately reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Laney goes to the doctor and says something and the doctor puts it in her file. She then changes doctors but what is written keeps following her around and she can't get it out of her file.
Yesterday, I also went back to the morning water aerobics class at the gym. 8:00am I joined about 25 men and women in the pool for an hour of exercise. It's all based on your own personal pace but if you keep time to the music beat and work your butt off you can get a really good workout.
I went into the pool with very sore upper back and shoulder muscles from working in the yard and after an hour I felt great. Muscles have been stretched out and pain was gone.
Of course, silly me, I grabbed my noodle, foam weights and rubber stretchy thing and just found a spot in the water.
Little did I know that this was a lot like the lunch room in middle school.  
The woman on my left said, "You are new. You are in Beth's spot but she's gone now because her work schedule changed."
I told her I was sorry that she had lost her buddy and I didn't realize everybody had "A SPOT".
I was told I could stay but it was also implied from the rest of the conversation that they had seen people come and go and she was a little skeptical of my being a regular.
I ran in place, I skied in place, I jumped around, I worked out at the tempo of the music probably just to prove that I wasn't a flake  and here to walk the walk. 
Last night I was looking for a picture of somebody for my SIL and I came across a group picture of my family. My middle son was with an old girlfriend in the picture.  My first thought was to scan it and then put his wife's head on the body. 
Remember when George did that to the photo in his boss's office?  Sigh...........see I watched way to many of those shows.

:)Bea    Who is going to try to work in the yard before the rain and then escape to the studio.

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  1. I know this feeling ...charting....tables...records...and then we get back to the weight. I still watch old Seinfeld's TV shows! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart