Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's called, Northern Lights and it was created last Friday morning.  My Muse had apparently taken a short trip somewhere because for the life of me I couldn't find the interest or energy to sit down and even play with my paints. 
My Muse showed back up, in the studio and BINGO, I was on a roll. It's actually prettier in person. It's hanging in our family room area now, having bumped a black and white photograph of an unusual tree in Florida, that I had taken. I'm think that it needs a nice heavy silver frame. It's on a wrapped canvas but it needs something a little more.  
Friday's meeting of the 3150 Studio Artists was a hoot.
We were eating lunch, discussion business and some show and tell when one of the members starts talking about a technique she read about in a magazine.
Next thing you know, the aprons are on, space is being cleared, on the tables and people are ready to work.
I love that. I love that they are ready to experiment, not expect a masterpiece when they are done and just enjoy the process.
We colored gesso, painted it on wet fabric, added text from newspapers and then cheesecloth. Of course, not one came out like another one. They are all drying on the first floor of the barn.
I'm not sure who this one belongs to. It's an interesting first layer. I'm excited to see what everybody does with theirs.
Zeus and I worked on the front yard gardens, this afternoon. I swear I don't think I can actually move from the computer to another chair, let alone bed. I am SOOOOOOOOOO SORE. My gardening muscles haven't quite kicked in yet. 
I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the plants that I had selected and planted for the area actually made it through the winter and seem to be healthy and growing. It's always an iffy thing. I can think that a plant should do well somewhere but sometimes for no really good reason they just up and die on me.
I'm so tired, right now I can hardly think, so I'll close with the thought that I can get back out to the studio, tomorrow morning.



  1. It's wonderful when one listens to one's muse.
    I know what you mean about sore muscles too. Been there!

  2. OMG the Northern Lights are fantastic. Beautiful! Is this with the new gesso technique? I also like the sample you showed from the studio group. Makes me wish the weekend were starting again and I was able to dig in and paint.


  3. Really lovely work! I too have had the muse disappear but what fun it is when she returns. That reminds me, I need to get out to the studio!