Thursday, April 19, 2012

I rounded them up and put them in the car around 9:30am.

All 23 of them, not an easy task. There was way to much excitement as they jumped around, tried to all get into the driver's seat.  Once we were all strapped in we headed for Children's Hospital.
There was a great deal of discussion when they were stuffed into two garbage bags. I felt like I was holding bags of cats.

The lovely young lady at the Guest Services Desk tried calling the woman in charge of donations. Not in. Apparently, doesn't have any staff or any back up person to take her place.
So, she called another department. Julie was in a meeting and no she didn't have any staff in today and nobody to come down to talk to me but hey, just take what she has to donate and we'll send her a thank you.

The young lady and I discussed other possibilities like the Gift Shop.
She called the manager of the Gift Shop, right across the hallway.
Noooooooooo, she didn't know who was in charge of raising money for the new building fund. Gee, they had gift baskets in the Gift Shop that you could buy and the money would go to the building fund but sorry, can't think of the person's name. Maybe in Marketing?

My gut told me that this was NOT the place for our little Minions and Monsters.  I smiled, got my parking ticket punched and left.

We drove to Meriter Hospital.
The Information lady was excited. Peeked in the bag, ooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaahed and said, "THESE HAVE TO GO DOWNSTAIRS TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM AND PEDIATRIC CENTER.

Once downstairs a nurse met me, got very excited about them, took me personally back to the Pediatric Center, introduced me to what staff was there.  The bags were dumped out on an office desk and immediately they started jabbering about where and who would make the best use of them. 
Sadly, what I was hearing was every day talk for them but difficult for me to hear.  "Oh, these would be wonderful in the sexual abuse room." "Oh, can we have these for the broken jaws, arms, fingers, etc. room?"
It's very hard to keep your eyes from watering up when you remember they are talking about little children.                              LITTLE CHILDREN.

I left all 23 of the creatures there, knowing that they were going to be put to good use.  They were so grateful to receive them. I left looking back and smiling nurses with arms full of bright colorful happy little monsters.

So, artists of the 3150 Studio Artists, you did a good thing and if you feel so inspired I think we can probably make another batch to donate to another place where these little guys will be welcome with loving arms.
:)Respectfully submitted by the artist, known as Bea

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  1. A wonderful gesture followed by a wonderful story.

    Glad you and your friends are able to bring an untold number of smiles in the coming days/weeks/months.