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Well, that got your attention didn't it?

Of course, if you read the blog post the other day you know that my family once owned Staten Island, New York.  (giggle)

Easy come, not so easy go.
I'm still working on my Great Grandmother's side of the family. An interesting bunch that came over here, very early. And, not all for religious freedom.
Looking at the Bradish branch I found this little tidbit.

Now, come on. I'm not telling you boring stuff here. I know you are rolling your eyes, "it's genealogy again..........wha.............
Trust me, this is a good story.
Ok, it does NOT involve Johnny Depp but someone maybe like him?

So Robert Bradish, born in 1612 in England came over, on the ship Defiance, with his wife Mary and three children, to Cambridge in 1635. 
He lived at the corner of Harvard Street (now Mass Ave,) and Holyoke Street.
His orchard is now part of Harvard Yard next to Widener Library.
He was a vendor of beer and bread, probably had a tavern.
In May of 1654 a complaint was made to the townsmen of Cambridge that students of Harvard College were spending too much money at the Bradish Shop. The president of Harvard interceded and the matter was dropped.

On to one of Robert's grandchildren, JOSEPH BRADISH.
Known as PIRATE Bradish, my 8th Grand Uncle. He was born in Sudbury in 1672 and was convicted and executed in England 1700 at only 27 years old.
He joined the crew of the ship Adventure bound for Borneo.
When they reached the Spice Islands, most of the passengers and officers, including the Captain Thomas Gullock went ashore while fresh water was taken on board.
Some of the crew made a bad decision and decided to take over the ship. Since the cargo was largely precious metals which could be easily and profitably disposed of, that might have made the decision easy for them.
The sailors elected Joseph captain and gave him two and a half shares of the cargo.
They decided to sail home to New England to enjoy their booty. They stopped only at Mauritius and Ascension Island.

Sadly, Joseph was eventually arrested, jailed, escaped, and recaptured. He was then sent to the Boston jail where Captain Kid was also being held.
Orders were given for the pirates to be returned to England.
On March 11, the frigate Advice left MA with 32 prisoners aboard. 

Also on board was the Adventure's former captain, Thomas Gullock. The owners of the ship had sent him to New England to claim any treasure recovered from Joseph Bradish and his men.

Unlike Kidd who was a sort of political football and confined to Newgate prison in London, the rest of the pirates were sent to the Admiralty's jail, the Marshalsea in Kent, where most piracy trials were held.
The trials were brief and lawyers were seldom used by the accused who had to conduct their own defense.
Joseph was convicted and executed along with James Kelley on July 12, 1700. At the King's orders, the bodies were hung in chains and displayed at Gravesend on the banks of the Thames as a greater terror to others.
:)Bea       Poor Joseph, who thought it was a good idea, at the time.

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  1. I don't know what it is about edgy men dressed like pirates but you got me! Interesting story and good for you for tracing your family line.