Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two little girls are we......................

The thing about spending a few days with one of my long time best friends is that the days become a blur of activity, color, strange sights and yummy food.
I sleep like a baby because I'm so darn exhausted. We zoomed here and there, ate good food at a local brewery, walked downtown everybody out walking around enjoying the beautiful spring day.
We came home, crashed, nibbled on cheese like little mice and then watched the two taped shows of Awake.
I'm a day behind with my updates and a dollar or two short. My days have been filled with laughter, silliness and color everywhere.
I went to bed a very happy camper and dreamed dreams about art, what else?

:)Bea, who often creates more in her dreams than she seems to do in her studio.

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  1. Is that your cabinet in your studio?? I love the header photo. Party on girlfriend! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart