Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"That's right you aren't from Texas but Texas loves you anyway."

It might seem like the tears are from the great barbecue sitting in front of me but really they are from the dill pickle I just ate. More about this excursion to Lockhart, later.
We had coffee this morning at SIP
Took a walk around the neighborhood The Children's Museum, what a bright colorful place.
Some things were a little scary.
We found our BARBECUE PLACE. After 20 some years we traveled back to Lockhart, Tx and found the original place. We were like little kids. You walk in past this wonderful wood burning oven and the smell of barbecued beef and port hit you right away.
You make your choice, beef or pork, saltines or bread, add a sausage in and they wrap it up in brown paper.  You pay for it then go find a seat.
Go get your drinks, paper towels, plastic spoon and knife and "No ma'am, we don't have forks, you gotta use your fingers. Oh, that's right you ain't from Texas but Texas loves you anyway."

A longneck, his beans, enough white bread, some hot chilies and his pork and this is a happy man.
There is no "sauce" on this barbecue.  This is wood smoked cooked slabs of pork.
It was quiet eating, everyday people in there, having their lunch, taking their time and enjoying every last bit of it.
I may or may not get back to Texas but I will always remember that experience.


  1. You two are just too cute for words...i love how you live a full life!! Have a long neck for me!!! Love Ya!, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Yep, Lockhart is about the best BBQ in the world. Glad you had a great time. I'm about 5 hours south of there. :)

  3. How dare you make me hungry for Texas barbecue at 7am! Love that smell and EVERYTHING tastes good. Zeus' face says it all. I'm guessing it was a hot pickle!!

    How wonderful that the place is the same after 20 years. You don't hear that happening much--and it tells you something else about Texas. They are stubborn about what they want and like.

    Happy travels...D