Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Speaking of BLUE.

I don't know about you but I never get tired of looking at the sky. Maybe it's the cloud formations, maybe the color or blue but most often it just takes my breath away. I'm not the only person that takes endless pictures of the sky.  I ran into another woman, one day, in the French Bakery, that takes sky pictures and not just sunset ones.
I've said this before and here it goes again. I really don't want to come back to another lifetime after I die BUT that said, if I get a shot at being a space traveler, count me in. Captain Bea on the Explorer Ship, CREATE. Yeah, I know it has no ring to it but I like the idea.
Speaking of BLUE, the Bluebirds were spotted YESTERDAY, checking out the bluebird box by the pool.
 They took turns flying in and out. "You think it's big enough?" "Same size as last year, hun."
"Are you sure?  It looks smaller. Do you smell something?"Nope same as last year and nope don't smell anything, clean as a whistle."
Gorgeous day here, high of 66 and tomorrow 77 can you beat that?  I know, I should be depressed and sad because it means bad things about the environment and our climate but I'm greedy and selfish, forgive my great, great, great grandchildren.
Had my coffee outside this morning and just closed my eyes and took in the bird song. It was so amazing. It's so quiet in winter and then one day everything just seems to burst into song, including me!
Hey, did I tell you about one of the housekeeping staff at the hotel Westin? Her name was Rosalie.
Because of the cold, rainy weather I spent two afternoons indoors, working on the computer. Rosalie would come to clean our room at that time  She was brisk, efficient and friendly. She was emptying the waste can near my desk and I showed her a picture of my grandchildren. As she made the bed she talked about her children. She worried that I didn't have enough tea or coffee so left plenty for me.
The third day we were going to take a road trip and as I walked out the room and down the hall, Rosie was coming towards me.  She asked me if i was going outside, I said yes.
She frowned, yelled "ONE MEMENTO!!!!" and ran back down the hallway.  She turned the corner and I could still hear her running.  Zeus looked at me and I shrugged, I guess we wait.
She came running back clutching a bag in her hand.
She stopped before me, took out something from the bag and pressed it into my hands. It was her sweater.  She insisted, by stepping back, putting her hands behind her back that I take it and wear it because she knew I didn't have any warm clothes with me and I need to stay warm.
Now, Rosie is probably all of 5'2" tall and I'm.........well, I'm taller and a traditionally built woman.
The sweater was never going to fit but God love her there wasn't anyway I wasn't going to take it with me.  I thanked her for her kindness.
I wrote a letter to the hotel.
I wrote a letter to the head of housekeeping.
I wrote a recommendation and review at some website for hotels in San Antonio.
Rosie went well past her job description. What a beautiful person she is.

Sweaters seems to be a repeating theme in my life. From people trying to give me them to strangers asking me, when I am out walking, if they need to wear one that day.  Not to mention the one sweater that I did bring with me disappeared for a night and day. Zeus handed it to me when I got out of the car. I threw it over my shoulder and went up to the room. Next day, no sweater. We tore that room apart. We crawled under the bed, well, Zeus did, not me. We looked in the empty suitcases, the drawers, behind things, no sweater. I called the Lost and Found, nada.
Then later that night, Zeus was getting ready for golf the next day and opened up his backpack and there was my sweater stuffed inside it.
What a strange thing and no it wasn't Rosie. lolol I was in the room was she was in the room.
I have no explanation for it.

I'm getting old and so is Zeus but not that old.

I'm just about packed for my trip to see Donna. I have a few things to do over in the studio. Some errands to run and then I'm off tomorrow morning.

You all be good.  Try to do something creative. Trust me when I tell you that doing something creative is good for your physical health, your mental health and your emotional health.


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