Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Flight to Denver on time and quite nice, actually. Two seats on either side of the isle with plenty of leg room and when the tray table was lowered it didn't press into my gut.
Flight to San Antonio, not bad either. We had the EXIT row and had to swear on a stack of Bibles that we would be responsible about getting people out of the plane in an emergency.
COME ON PEOPLE, I'm a mother.  I know how to carry a screaming toddler down the entire length of the Mall, I have put one kid or another in the van and taken them to the Emergency Room for stitches, I've gotten a dog to go down a slide, what's the big deal?
We get the door open and everybody takes their turn or I cuff them on the head, end of story.
But, what the heck are those big circles out there, down there, outside of Denver? Do the horses not like to make rows? I mean I know I've seen the Amish horses link four across and it's quite interesting to see them side step to make a turn but I don't think that's what is going on down there.  Any ideas?
Thank heavens for GPS systems. I am NOT a good map reader. It's like looking up a word in the dictionary, for me. I get distracted. I have trouble finding where we are, keeping my eye on where we are going and not start looking at funny names of towns. "Bruce" the Australian voice we have programed to tell us where to go (snicker) does a bang up job and let's the "Shelia" off the hook.
We're staying in the Westin, on the River Walk. Really a beautiful place. They have free apples and dark chocolate in the lobby. You know me, love that free stuff.  I blame it all on my mother, a child of the depression era. 
We were headed for another restaurant, for dinner, when we saw cars pouring into the parking lot for this local place. Hey, that's what I call a good sign.  Either it's a busy bar or darn good food or maybe both. Food was good, plenty of it and the clientele was fascinating.
We sat next to a table with a grandmother, her younger boyfriend, her daughter all of age 16 if that and HER daughter, age 3. Grandma had a problem when the diamond stud in her cheek, yes, friends, her cheek, fell out during dinner and she had trouble getting it back in.
Daughter sported two diamond studs in each cheek.
It thought I had seen just about all the places that people could put jewelry but this one was a new one on me.
The other table hosted a large, group of senior friends, all enjoying 20 ounce Margaritas night.
Oh, and I wish I had gotten a picture of this drink a large bowl shape Margarita glass, filled with whatever kind of Margarita you wanted with an UPSIDE DOWN FULL BOTTLE OF whatever kind of beer you wanted, in the glass. I have never seen that one, never and I would have like to watch the beer go down but...... hey, we had a movie to get to.
We went to a out of the way movie theater that had menus and apparently had servers that came and delivered your food. We saw the movie SEPARATION.  I highly recommend it.
That's all for tonight. Got to get my beauty sleep. Tomorrow, we drive somewhere between here and Austin, Lockheart, for the World's Best Barbecue. I mean it. Had it once, almost 29 years ago and I still remember how it tasted. Came in the back door of an old building, took tiny steps, long line, past a open wood pit, blast of hot air, then OMG the smell of barbecue cooking. Got our food, tiny steps, still out to what looked like the remains of an old Woolworth's store. 
Sat down at a long table covered with white paper, paper plates of white bread stacked on them and silent eaters. I mean this was serious business and once I took I bite I knew why. You just don't combine idle chatter with Texas barbecue, no sir.
I'll send you another postcard tomorrow.


  1. The River Walk is beautiful and I have stayed at the Westin-great place. Check out LaContessa if you take a stroll--my favorite hotel. Great tapas.

    Reading your description of Texas barbecue made my mouth water. It is delicious and the local color is what you hope you'll encounter on any trip (at least I do). Have a bite of brisket for me.

    Hope the weather is fabulous. Happy trails to you and Zeus!

  2. I wish I could walk the River Walk with you two!!! Peace, Mary Helen

  3. I've missed a lot being offline the past few days. You are in my part of the world Bea! San Antonio is where me and my husband grew up, in or around there anyway. The River Walk is beautiful isn't it. It's especially nice at Christmas. Hope you are having fun!