Thursday, March 08, 2012


I took off this morning for a little walk about. Zeus was playing tennis and then golf so I thought I would get in some ME and MY CAMERA time.
First stop was San Fernando Cathedral, a beautiful Gothic building in front with the original church behind.
I took a few minutes to just sit and take in the interior. As I got up to leave this little woman, tugged on my arm and told me that it was alright to take picture in her church. Her name was Rosalie and she told me all about how when she was a little girl she and her family would travel up to Wisconsin to pick cucumbers and when she was 11 she worked the summers in a chicken factory up there. To this day she can't eat chicken.
She had very few teeth, a beautiful smile and I slipped her a little something as a thank you for my personal tour of the church.
I asked her if I could take her picture and I got her to stand still for a second. Not enough to get a clear picture, although. Then she was off to "help" someone else with a tour.
I have absolutely no idea what these are. A fruit? Seedpods? Interesting.
Took a River Walk Cruise with Al. He was really quite knowledgeable and funny. Of course, I heard more than I can retain. I did take a lot of pictures. If you want you can check out the album:
I would suggest putting it on slideshow,add some seconds to it and sit back and pretend you are taking the cruise, of course, without the notes of interest, funny jokes and history of what you are seeing.
I've come back to change shoes, get some lunch and a Diet Coke and then off I go again.
The sun is coming out now and they say a high of 78 degrees. We'll see about the sun.

P.S. While we were having dinner the other night, sitting by the River Walk, three boat loads of young ladies wearing crowns passed by, many doing their "Queenly" wave. We waved back. These young ladies are competing for 2012 Miss Collegiate America and 2012 Miss High School America Pageants. Up for grabs? A $10,000 scholarship. May the best beauty win.  Apparently, they are holding this pageant close by our hotel in the Lila Cockrell Theater on E. Market St.

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