Saturday, March 03, 2012

ONCE UPON A TIME............

Once upon a wait, come on, I want you to see where he lives. COME ON, I promise I'll tell you the story but if he's home I would really love for him to tell you.
Can you see the door?  It's open.
No, we can't go in, besides it's too small for us and it wouldn't be polite for us to just walk in his house.
I know it's open but I think that he often does that.  He said he likes the fresh air.
I suppose you can take a peek but be careful he does knit and I wouldn't want him to be scared and poke you in the eye with his knitting needle.
HELLO?  Anybody at home?

"Did you bring me a present?"

Uh, no, I'm sorry, I didn't think about it. I could bring you one tomorrow.

"Presents are nice when you come visiting you know."

I just wanted to show my friend where you lived. We really didn't mean to visit. But, I'll most happily bring you something nice tomorrow, if you would like.

"I like."

I was going to tell my friend the story that you told me but then I thought it might be more fun for you to tell it?

"Fun for whom?"

Well, I guess I can understand that. We visit uninvited, don't bring a present, expect you to tell us a story. I'm sorry, we must seem very rude."

"Not rude, just you."

We can go if you are busy.

"Not busy, just knitting. Sit. "

Would you like me to introduce my friend?

"No need. SIT."
"Once upon a time, beyond the woods there lived a very cocky rooster. He was quite colorful, had a beautiful coat of feather and quite a loud voice, in the mornings. All the hens adored him.
He took quite a bit of time, in the morning to comb his feathers and exercise his voice before he would wake up the farm.

One morning, taking his morning stroll he happened to find a pair of red, sparklie, shoes, just sitting by the side of the road.

He stood and pondered on these shoes.
First of all, they looked like they would fit him exactly.
He loved the color red.
He didn't own a pair of shoes.
They were just sitting there and nobody else seemed to be looking for them.
He could just try them on, for fun and see if they fit.
It's not like he would just take them for they obviously belonged to somebody.
They were very smart looking.

So, he sat down on a rock and put the shoes on.  He was just going to put them on for a minute. Then he decided he just wanted to see how they felt and he strutted around on the road.

Quite nice, really quite comfortable and so very smart looking.

He sat down on the rock and tried to take the shoes off.  They wouldn't come off. 
He pulled and pulled but they were stuck.  Stuck on TIGHT!

He got up and jumped up and down thinking he could kick them off.

Suddenly, the shoes started to move and Rooster had to go with them.  He was stuck in a pair of moving shoes!

The shoes headed toward the woods. 
At first Rooster found this worrisome but then he decided that a walk in the woods would be good for him.  Keep him trim and fit, you know.

The shoes and Rooster walked down a path until they came to a fork and Rooster tried to go to the right but the shoes kept going to the left.

Now, Rooster was concerned.

It was ok to take a walk in the woods but he really should be the one to decide which path he took, NOT a pair of red, sparklie shoes.

He thought about this as the shoes took him deeper into the woods.

It was getting very dark, in the woods.  Rooster was thinking about lunch and maybe it was time to get back to the farm.

Rooster was thinking maybe it would be a good idea to turn around now and go home but the shoes kept taking him down the path, deeper and deeper into the woods............

I'm tired now, I need to take a nap.  You can come back tomorrow, with a present."

Sure, we can do that.
Yes, we can and we can bring you a present.
Come on, you heard him, he's tired.

Yes, I know you want to hear more but we need to get home and think about what kind of present we should bring him.

I promise we'll be back.  No, I don't know what happens to Rooster, this isn't the story that he told me.  It's a different one.
Come on, I'll race you home.


  1. I see a book in the making. You better send the next installment tomorrow, or there will be a number of us at your door with presents and demands.

    Incidentally, are you knitting?


  2. You must continue the journey with rooster...peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Such inspiration from a doorway in a tree.....more ,please..!!!:>)