Friday, March 02, 2012

Biscuit is the new avocado!

This week it's been snow off and on, here in the morning, gone by midday. Farther north of us they had knee deep wet, wet snow. Very hard to plow let alone shovel. We seem to have been spared that kind of snow.
It's March and in my brain that means Spring is very close. Not to say that March and April can't take us by surprise but I can "feel" a change in the air. I certainly can hear a lot more bird song when I let Murphy out, in the morning.
I stopped by Glacier Landscaping the other morning to see Taylor and we talked about pricing for getting some bigger White Pine to plant along my neighbor's fence line.  It's a lovely McMansion but I really don't want to see the back of it every time I drive in my driveway.
Apparently, Taylor buys from a grower down near Milwaukee. He drives down and they load up their big truck with freshly dug up trees. Then they get put right in the ground up here, at our place.
The less time they spend out of the ground the less stress on the roots and the better chance they have of making it.
We also talked about creating the path in the North woods. They aren't going to haul out anything that they clear back but rather create small animal protection huts. A rather nice way of saying large piles of sticks and bushes. The main thing is to clear a wide enough path that I can cut it with the lawn tractor and wide enough on the sides that volunteer scrub bushes don't grow back quite so quickly.
I'm excited about the path. It's a lovely woods and I'm sure there are a ton of stories just waiting to be told about what goes on in there.
Today, it's straighten up and put away, in the Studio.
We leave next Tuesday for San Antonio and when we get back the 3150 Studio Artists will be meeting the next day. I need to have the place ready for new work to be done.
I'm starting to stare at my garden from the kitchen windows. I'm not really seeing the mess it is right now but full of bright colored flowers. That's always a good thing.
I get excited about Spring. Zeus is right, if I lived where it was warm all the time I wouldn't get this feeling. Of course, I probably wouldn't get so depressed when it snowed in March either.

Zeus and I went shopping for our new stove, last night. Of course we didn't see anything like our 12 year old stove. I have to admit many of them looked even nicer. We have gas so that steered us down one isle. I wanted something that was easy to clean and many of the stoves now come with five burners or a larger longer burner in the middle that you can put a griddle on. So many choices.
EXCEPT, you can hardly get the color biscuit anymore. Which despite my protests this morning our current appliances are actually biscuit colored and not white. Biscuit has become the new avocado.
Remember those? We had them in our first rental house. Then I think the new color was copper.  We had those in our first home.
Now, thanks to our children and their peers the current popular colors are BLACK, WHITE and CHROME. sigh..........So, white it was. My kitchen is royal blue glass time, white counter tops, cherry wood cabinets and white/biscuit appliances. I'm not ready to switch to chrome.
So many times I hear people say that a home didn't sell because the buyers had to have granite counters, chrome top of the end appliances. Some people can be very demanding especially when they eat out every night.
They will be disappointed in our house then. I don't plan on redoing anything for a sale. I LOVE MY KITCHEN. Now, I just have to wait for the refrigerator and dishwasher to die so I can replace there ugly a#$ biscuit color with white. I mean it's soooooooo 2000 you know.

Have a creative day, do SOMETHING creative, it's good for your soul.



  1. I am with you...we do not have granite counters or stainless steel appliances and this works just for us! Enjoy your kitchen ...and try not to worry about the prospect buyers. You will never want to leave...have a great time in San Antonio. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. As you know, I got the granite counters and black in my "new" house---I'd have preferred brown granite instead of black and chrome or white to back appliances---they show everything. In the end, white appliances are the safest. Seems like no matter what the trend they are always part of the mix. You just had to be "fancy" with your biscuit....didn't you?

    Have the tortilla soup and flan at The Republic of Texas, if you get a chance. Say hi to a manager and tell them or Rick Grinnan, the owner, I sent you.

    Mt Muchmore is coming up on your dance card. Travel safely. D