Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Friday!

The Artists of 3150 Studio meet today. It's a damp, rainy, gray day so I think we will set up the tables on the first floor of the barn and turn on the bright lights and get to sorting fabric. I'm determined to get rid of my large stash and keep it down to fabrics that I use in my work now.
I thought about it and thought I might regret it down the road but when you make one of those lists, you know the double column type that has the positive on one side and the negative on the other, you discover quite quickly what you should do.
There is no sense hoarding this stuff.  I'm not making large quilts anymore. My tastes have changed.
I can cut off a fat quarter of any of it and still be donating a good percentage to a worthy cause.
So, case closed.
I told anybody that helps me can take their pick of what fabric they would like to take home. Seems fair since they are working on the sorting too.

My neighbor is putting up one of those giant bright yellow play structures in his back yard which bumps up against my front yard. I am so glad that the trees are ordered and will be planted in the beginning of April.  They won't block it entirely but it will make it a little harder to see.
I know people think they are a great idea.  You see them in practically every back yard. And, yet, no matter what time of day, weekends, after school, gorgeous days, I never and I mean NEVER see any children playing on them.  It seems to be more of a status thing.  See how much I love my children, kind of thing. 

We have a number of very nice parks around town. The schools even have really nicely designed play parks. I see more children playing on them during the day. Riley and I stop at them on our night out. For the most part I think kids are just inside more these days or scheduled no stop with activities.

I remember we had a swing set in our back yard.  My sister felt it was her duty to twist them so tightly that the links on the chains seems to hook onto each other. It took forever to unwind them if you actually wanted to swing.  I don't remember anyone actually swinging on them either. Mostly, we sat on them and smoked cigregettes until our parents got home.
I remember the day my step father decided that it was enough of a pain to cut the grass around that he took it down.

At the house in Ridgeway we tied a big old tire, to the Burr Oak, next to the deck.  I think the kids played with it the week that we put it up and then it just sat there and collected water inside. We probably should have drilled holes in the bottom. It looked neat but really wasn't all that much fun.

On Wednesday night when Riley and I had dinner together we stopped at a play structure at the local school.  In the next field the softball team was practicing.  Riley sat on the top of one of the climbing structures and I stood next to her and we watched the boys playing baseball. It was the beautiful part of the end of the day, a summer evening and there were there middle school age boys playing softball, the crack of the baseball bat, the urgings of the players to run, no stop, no run.

I'm not a baseball fan but you know I enjoyed watching those boys.  There seemed something innocent about the whole scene.  Yes, probably very Norman Rockwell but it was nice. Going to baseball games of my children was different.  I was invested in their success. I felt I had to support them and their team.  This was different.  Riley and I just watched, enjoyed the moment and then she tackled the twisting slide again.

Grandma R. loved to watch baseball.  She often fell asleep in her comfy chair watching the game but she would wake often enough to tell you the score.  I think she and Zeus went to a few games.  My friend Donna, loves to go to baseball games.  She loves the hot dogs, the beer, the atmosphere and I suspect she enjoys the game too.
I'm sure there is more to baseball than I realize. I think I'm missing something besides the spitting, the slowness, the funny hand gestures between the catcher and pitcher.

I like games that move quickly like ice hockey, basketball and football when it actually does move.
My grandpa's are turning over in their graves right now.  A Phillies fan, my great grandpa Jake would listen to every game when he came to visit us.  We would sit on the front porch, he had his radio on, his spittoon tomato can and the Chinese checker board.  We would play checkers and he would listen, eyes shinning to the game.

My eyes were shinning because I love marbles.

:)Bea    Who is off to set up the tables and chairs in the barn.  GO, DO, SOMETHING CREATIVE, PLEASE.


  1. Brought back memories. Do kids ever play on those things because I don't see them on any either. Do kids play marbles or jacks or play with homemade stilts anymore? It is a different world out there today.

  2. You gave me something to think about....just what shall we build in our yard for grand daughter??? Perhaps a big pile of *clean* dirt, plastic shovel, a lil dump truck and my old pots will do for quite a while :)
    Love the mosaic layout of your blog. It invites us to view so much!