Thursday, March 22, 2012

In another lifetime, in a galaxy far, far away.............

Yesterday, my daughter sat down in the chair, by the table, up on the deck, while I was having my morning coffee and announced, with a big smile, that she had met the man she was going to marry.
My heart and mind jumped back in time 44 some years ago, to a similar conversation I had with my mother after coming home from my first trip to Boston.
My daughter isn't new to love. She's had what she thinks was love in a series of disastrous relationships, the only positive thing coming out of any of them was her daughter, Riley. This time I saw a certain maturity and wisdom that had perhaps had been lacking before. \
We talked, I wished her well, we hugged and I'll keep my fingers crossed that this man is up to taking on a relationship with her and Riley.
I remember telling my mother and she said, "That's nice" and went back to watching Lawrence Welk.
I'm not sure it even really registered with her because in her mind she thought she had to APPROVE
all boyfriends. I'm not sure she even realized it was NOT open for debate.
I proceeded to make plans to move to Boston after I graduated from my Junior College.  I told my best friend, Janie and of course she wanted to hear all about him.
I waited for the mail every day, long distance relationship require or did require letters. Phone calls were expensive. Zeus wrote long letters, I sent funny cards. Zeus complained about the cards and wanted letters.  I wanted cards, too.
I wish those had been the least of our issues.
He still had a year of college.
I still had to find a job, apartment and a way to move what I did own up to Boston.
My step father insisted on certain things from my apartment hunt. Considering they didn't contribute in anyway I ended up in an overpriced one bedroom but with great security.
Do men KNOW the way women KNOW that they have met THE ONE?
Do they just kind of go along with things because, well just because it seems like a good idea?

I remember when my oldest son decided to move out to California and showed up with his rental truck and his girl friend. I had to giggle as they drove away because I knew Shari was along for the LOOooooooooong HAUL.
She knew.  Did Justin know?  Or was his mind on working for a year, enrolling in a college to play soccer and oh, wasn't it nice his sweetie was coming along too. :)

I'm not sure if James knew what was going on either. I know he planned for a romantic proposal and I know he THINKS he was the one "springing" the surprise on Caitlin but I suspect that Caitlin already had that all planned out in advance too.

Zeus and Hera were young, very young and I'm not sure they truly knew what they were getting in to.
They muddled along and still do. It helps to be best friends and I hope that my daughter is or becomes best friends with her new beau. It helps, big time.

Best of luck to you sweetiepie.



  1. Cool stories and I hope it works out well for your daughter.

  2. I am sending her much love and all we can do is support their sweet delicate hearts. Peace, Mary Helen