Monday, March 12, 2012

I hear Robins singing...........

Well, we are back home again and while we were away the Robins arrived. The bird song this morning was amazing. I sat out on the back deck and just listened with a smile in on my face.
Zeus and I have a bet going about when the Red Wing Black Bird will arrive. He says he will be here by Tuesday.
Since we both leave on another journey on Wednesday I get anything after Tuesday.

I called to have the guy come and put the pump in the pond and check everything. It will be so nice to hear the waterfall again. I'm hoping this will encourage the frogs to move in early.

Of course, the cloudy skies have followed us here and it looks like it is going to pour any minute but you know I don't mind. I'm back in Wisconsin and it's warmer than normal here and the snow has melted and we have ICE OUT on the pond so all is good.

Today, the artists of 3150 Studio come for a meeting/workshop. It will be good to get back to my art again. 

Wednesday, I travel to be with an old friend, Donna, for a few days.
We always manage to have a wonderful time together, lots of laughter and silliness, which I believe is good for the soul, too.

Next week I stay put until July. Lots to do, even if the weather turns back to winter as it has often done here. While on vacation I was going through my old journals and making notes about projects that I still wanted to try, pieces that I wanted to start in on, etc.  Sometimes I need some space from my routine just to regroup.

We came home to find Riley with a big black eye.  Seems she was playing hard with some little pals and missed the wooded step up onto the back deck and landed on her face.
It looks awful but by the time we had gotten home it didn't seem to bother her.

Much joy here in Hometown this morning. I got on the scale and had managed to lose two pounds from my vacation to San Antonio. That's a first.

My back and neck are still quite sore.  I suspect it's from the very nice soft bed at the Westin. The pillows were soft too and probably many people love that for me I need something a little firmer. I'm thinking that some massage time is in order for the birthday girl, Donna and me.

The fancy dinner for the College of Blah, Blah, Blah that held the convention that we went to, was very nice.
The piece of salmon was HUGE and nestled on a bed of hmmmmm, not rice but something equally good.
They served a huge wedge of iceberg lettuce which was rather dull, for the salad. Dessert was a flan like dish and good but a little to sweet for me to be eating at almost 10:00 at night.  My mind might feel like it's 30 sometimes but my body certainly isn't. Eat too much, drink too much caffeine or eat too much sweets and I might as well just stay up and write the great American novel.

I did do my good deed for the night. I came down to the affair after Zeus.  In the elevator with me were a lovely couple from Indiana. She had on a gorgeous black ruffly long dress.  It was an easy guess that they were going to the same dress up affair. He said he was a new Inductee to the College.  I asked them who their sponsor was and they said he wasn't there that night. They didn't know a soul.
Well, they know me and it's not that I know a lot of people but I do know the Wisconsin contingent so I made introductions all around.
It's hard being the new kids at a function, especially one where everybody seems to know everybody or large groups of somebodies.
I'm sure that added to my pile of "green" feathers for my future wings. Right? Zeus says I'm still going to need him to drop a rope, from heaven down for me. sigh

Ok, time to get on with the day. Bring it on rain. Clear out the last of the winter browns. Start that greening up in the fields. I'm sooooooooooooo ready for Spring.

:)Bea  Be creative today, it's easier than you think.

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  1. Loved the 'rope dropping down from heaven' line. LOL