Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Spring has come full force.  While visiting Donna I was amazed at how much green growth and spring flowers where around.  I come home to the same thing.  This is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to early for our fruit trees and bulbs to be blooming. Temperatures in the 80s is wonderful but it makes me nervous for what the rest of the summer is going to be like, NOT to mention our weather in general.

Of course, with the advent of warm weather comes all the outside chores that I thought I wouldn't have to deal with for at least another month. To make up for the finding of things left out over winter, Taylor stopped by yesterday and we marked,  the front yard for the placement of trees, seven White Pine, one Norway Spruce, a beautiful Maple, the kind that turns that brilliant red in fall, three Crabapples and a partridge in a pear tree.

We were having our coffee on the upper back deck, this morning when the woods path finders showed up for work. More from Taylor's crew. This time a cute blond woman toting her chainsaw and a husky guy with his. His and her chainsaws...........sounds like something from a bad thriller.

Anyway, yesterday, Taylor and I walked the woods, walk, now that's a funny way to describe the scrabbling, tripping, jumping I had to do to get through the undergrowth and over logs. We plotted out a looping path.  At the entrance you have three path ways you can take. I just love this! They all join up and loop across each other but in my mind they create just endless fairy tales.

I'm taking an online class from Julie Prichard again. I thoroughly enjoy her style, her presentations of the information and grunge. It's just a class to get me back to a style of painting that I enjoy and had wandered away from.  It called Act Natural:  Explorations in the Art of Grunge, http://thelandoflostluggage check it out.

And, no I don't get any kick backs or discounts for mentioning it. I just like Julie a lot and Cris Cozen and the classes they have been offering.

Tomorrow, I see a new doctor.  This one is for Internal Medicine.  Nothing wrong just was advised by people that I should have one lined up and not depend on my general practice doctor.  Probably got that advise when I told someone in the health field that my last general practice doctor, a sweet young Intern, told me he wanted to listen to my tummy.

17 Summers!  That's what this one is for Zeus and I.
We had the pool opened.  Very early but it's so pretty to look at and with this warm weather probably a good idea to get it working and not have it turn green on us.
So, the pond waterfall is going and I can hear the sound of the falls from my kitchen windows.  The frogs are singing every night and early morning.  Taylor tells me that they are the size of a quarter but boy oh boy do they have loud LOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooon notes. I love it, love it, love it.
Zeus, took the phone out to the back deck last night so Justin could hear the frogs. lol
The pool is open but the water is cold.
The path in the woods is being cut as I type.
The trees are ordered and will be planted as soon as they drive down to Milwaukee and pick them up.
I'm excited about all the new explorations the artists will be doing up in the studio.
I'm excited about spring, the bird song, the beautiful green, my willow tree that is now past that yellow green stage and in spring green and who "thinks" the Christmas palm tree lights are just a tad to much now.
I'm grateful and I'm excited.
I love the promise of Spring.

:)Bea  who is going to do something creative today along with the LONG LIST OF CHORES

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  1. Wow lady you make me tired just listing your daily sure to keep the creative juices flowing. The homestead sounds like a dream come are one lucky woman! Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart