Friday, March 16, 2012


I haven't been in a fancy SPA since a new one opened up near my house and I got a coupon to come on in and have a looksee. I decided that Donna and I needed to celebrate her big birthday in a very "girly" way. We went to the spa.
Now Zeus is playing golf, drinking a beer in the hot tub and watching the basketball games with the guys, down in Florida. I thought it was only fitting that D and I indulge in a different way.
Beautiful decor inside. Restful, quiet, serene. Low muted music, low lights and good smells. The changing room offered showers and racks of big fluffy towels. Our robes where generous and thick not to mention soft. I padded across the hall and was met by Elana who promptly got me installed on a warm, soft, lovely massage table.
She started in on my arms and let me tell you if you even THINK you have tightness in your shoulders wait until a good massage therapist starts working on them. OOOOOOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMMMMMM GGGGGGGGGGG
Well, it was downhill or uphill from there. She didn't use the painful thumb pressing type of technique to try to unknot all my tense areas.  Rather she used a strong forearm and pressure. She told me that I would be in enough discomfort at the end of the day of just that and she was right. She felt that the degree of tightness that I had in my back, neck and shoulders needed a slower release. I'm all for that.  As it was she hit some areas that were, how to say this, SHOUT OUT LOUD, tight? 
After an hour she turned me loose and steered me across another hallway, fruit laden glass of ice water in my hand to the RELAXATION ROOM. There lined up were lovely chaise lounges with pillows and soft blankets and you could just curl up and go to sleep.
Donna had a birthday facial, hand waxing and apparently a foot massage to die for. She was glowing!
We had some tea, drank more water and collected our brains. You have a massage and it releases toxins stored in your body for years and your brain is busy trying to figure how what the hell just happened.
I had been advised to go home and nap but that wasn't going to happen. We aren't that wimpy. We got in the car and headed out for lunch.
She told us that when she started she used to draw the face behind the counter because she was so bad at it. I think she was great.

After getting our protein level back up to where it should be we took in the local C & B store.
Apparently, the season colors are my favorite, turquoise blue, orange and yellow. You know when you hit a bump in the road with your art and you need some inspiration sometimes it actually helps to wander around in the higher end stores. The displays are usually well done and interesting to see. Not to mention the colors.
We then hit the road again to stop at some select stores to buy the art supplies we needed for an ART PARTY on Saturday.
Donna had invited some fellow art friends over for the day to play. What a hoot.  We are going to to printing fabric.
It was now time for afternoon coffee. We could have just stopped at the corner Starbucks but I wanted to pick up a cake for Sat. for Donna's birthday.
Decisions, decisions!  I mean what's not to like about any of the above. We decided to have something, little and sweet with our coffee while we sat in the bakery and debated the choices.
We came home with.........unfortunately, NOT all of the above but a plain, ok chocolate is never really plain, but a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Donna is all about simplicity and the basics.
A couple more stops to check out resale shops, antique stores and the like we decided at 6:30 that it might be time to get home.

Considering how the sky looked it seemed like a sensible idea. We of course seemed to be driving straight into the storm. We pulled into her driveway, unloaded the car, slammed the door and by the time we had poured a glass of wine it was pouring.
I mean it that the way to spend a day or what?
We nibbled again on really, really good bakery bread, cheese and pears while we watched taped shows of Project Runway. Our Girly Day started well and ended well.
We said our good nights, trundled off to bed and slept like logs. Well, I know I did.

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  1. What a glorious day girl!!! I wish I could have been there! Enjoy!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart