Thursday, March 08, 2012


As I have advanced in age some quirks have developed in my personality.
First one, I have become an aggressive "death seat driver". So, when I glance over and see Zeus trying to open a peppermint while driving in San Antonio freeway traffic, I freak out. There is no "gentle" in PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL THE RIGHT WAY.
Zeus' normal response to my outbursts is, "That's what airbags are for."
Of course, now begins play time with the "third grader" in the car. I remind him that that isn't ten o'clock or two o'clock hand positions and where did he learn to drive.
Which of course, now means I get a demonstration of "digital driving" and how great this rental car is and "look, Hera, no hands".
And, just in case, you TOO thought Zeus was King of the Gods, Hera often, most often has the last word.
I suppose now, any children of mine reading this might be thinking twice about even letting their beloved offspring ride with Grammy and Grandpa.
Zeus and I do enjoy our car rides. We actually play well together, most of the time.
There are the times when Zeus, who for some reason feels that the hearing aides he has, are for gatherings with OTHER people and not for conversation with his wife, cause some interesting conversations.
Like yesterday, we were talking about third grade, I tell you these older guys find that age some holy quest. Anyway, I was explaining to Zeus that in third grade I simply didn't have time for being silly. The first half of it was in one school and when my mother found out that I explained the separation of my parents by telling my teacher that we got a new kitten and my father got an apartment because of the new kitten. Hey, I never said I was the sharpest crayon in the box.
And, when she heard the teacher made fun of me in front of the entire class by telling me how ridiculous that was, she hauled my little rump out of that school and put me in Friends School.
The second half of third grade was spent trying to catch up to that class. Serious work, being accepted in a new school again.
Remember, my mother, the "gypsy" lady moved us around every three years, so my faux pas may have just been another excuse for her, to pack up and move to another apartment.
I went on to explain to Zeus that Quaker school was great and our class had a special writing project. I had a French pen pal.

"You wrote to a French cow?"

"PAL NOT COW",I shouted, enunciating each word. 

You know I told this story last night to the women on my end of the table and they nodded their heads, glancing over at their spouses, yes, yes, we've had similar conversations.

One woman said that her husband claims she mumbles. Another that said that hers said her voice is soft.
I guess it's just a sign of the age group.
Ah, yes, why the sign, you ask. Did you know that San Antonio was founded by a bunch of Germans? Lots of great German road signs around down here. I got a kick out of "Bruce" our Australian GPS guy saying the words. Much better, though, than "Shelia" the Australian voice that has a serious problem pronouncing Spanish names and places.
And, why would we have Bruce or Shelia for our GPS voices? Hey, you can talk back to them in funny voices.
I told you riding with us was a hoot.
Just a couple of the beautiful old houses we saw in Lockhart. You know how I love to take pictures of the houses of an area. Victoria houses are some of my favorites. Love those porches.
Ok, today, Zeus is off playing tennis, then golf and tonight we are going to a Belgium restaurant.
I'm off for a day of walking the River Walk and taking my usual eclectic assortment of photographs.
Be right back, miss you, hope you are having fun too. Hope you are doing something creative today.

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  1. I think most men are just the same. LOL At least you have a sense of humor about it.
    Enjoy the area. You should get over to Big Bend one day too. Texas is too big to see in a short time. speaking of Germans have you made it up to Fredriksburg yet. Great place. Not too far from SA. We lived in Boerne also, just north of SA. Have fun and I know your family enjoys reading your blog posts. Great way for them to get to know you both.